Ledman Gained Great SIndoor Led Display uccess from InfoComm

2020-10-30 14:17

InfoComm2016 show, as one of the largest, most exciting events in the Western Hemisphere, was held in Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada from June 8 to 10, 2016, which was focused on the pro-AV industry, with more than 1,000 exhibitors and thousands of products. And Ledman gained great success from the show.

The exhibits that Ledman exhibited included the latest indoor small pixel 1.9mm for both rental and fixed installation, Iposter, indoor 500*1000 P3.9mm advertising LED display, outdoor 500*500 P4.8mm rental LED display, LED Innovative ball display, Can Max, Cylinder display and so on. Attracted many new and old clients to come to our booth and consult. What’s more, most of exhibits were sold out.

The small pixel P1.9mm LED display is in high definition, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, wide viewing angle, with many new outstanding designs mechanically and electronically. It’s compatible with the traditional LCD TV, supporting 2K/4K resolution.

Iposter is not only untra light weight and thin, but also user friendly, plug on and play, it can be easily controlled by cellphone through WIFI, also can live edit, upload and show. Indoor 500*1000 P3.9mm advertising LED display and outdoor 500*500 P4.8mm rental LED display are slim and light weight design, with very simple cabling at back, uniform cabinet size in different pixels, and most importantly, the price is very competitive. Innovative ball LED display, Can Max and Cylinder displays are in the center of our booth, which attracted many customers to check our innovative irregular design and consult.
In the show, a large number of customers confirmed that they were interested in Ledman’s LED display and impressed with our excellent design on products, and were willing to negotiate long term cooperation with Ledman.

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