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2020-10-30 14:18

25th October, 2016, 15th National LED Industry and Technology Symposium &2016 National LED Display Technology Exchange and Development Seminar is held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. More than 260 participants including Changzhou government representatives, experts in LED, technology elites and business leaders attend the seminar. Ledman, as one of the important parts in LED business, has sent representatives to the conference.

In this symposium, Ledman was honorably awarded as 2015-2016 China’s Leading Enterprise in International LED Application and 2015-2016 Domestic Established LED Corporation. The eventual winners of the prize was evaluated by standard procedures: the enterprise qualification application, the host vote, the Internet vote and professional assessment and the winner list publicity, which takes one month before the acknowledgement of the final list.

During the evaluation, the paper entitled as The Research on the light quality and reliability of CSP-free LED Product created by LED engineer has been rated as the outstanding dissertation of the seminar.

The advancement from 2015 to 2016 has witnessed the transfer of China’s economic developing methods from quantity-oriented to quality-oriented, from speed and scale, to efficiency and effectiveness, as has been the same case in LED business, the development of which has stabilized from high speed to mildly high speed. Meanwhile, the technology innovation turns more and more active, leading to the fiercer competition and lower price, which promotes LED products to applications and penetration to a larger number of fields. In between 2015-2016, Ledman strives to the forge of the high-class brand in high-tech LED field, establishing an integrated industrial chain from LED encapsulation to application, focusing on innovation and patent accumulation. And A&M started by Ledman has strengthened the competitiveness of LED major business by the shareholding of APEXLS, the pioneer of innovative LED displays and Torshare, the expedition to markets overseas. In the meantime, Ledman has expanded global influence by the integration of sports resources, sponsoring Ligapro and purchasing Australian Super soccer team, which showcases Ledman’s ambition in the expansion of international market. With dual major business developing and promoting, LED products created by Ledman has set foot on more than 100 countries and areas. The future of Ledman shall be the keeping endeavor and everlasting persistence to contribute to the semiconductor lighting LED display utilization advancements.

National LED Industry and Technology Symposium is the first started nationwide conference organized officially, which plays a guiding part in LED business and in the development direction of LED technology; further advancing the Led technological revolution and sound progress in LED industry.
The Symposium has also provided the LED researchers, producers and technical personnel with an opportunity of the science and business development and communications. By the end of the meeting, LEDMAN sponsored the luncheon, which brings the professionals, government officials and guests together to discuss the future of LED industry.

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