APEXLS was awarded as theTransparent Led screen 2016 “Top10

2020-10-30 14:26

Nov. 24th, 2016, 2016’s Top10 LED Display Brands have been selected through three rounds of voting and professional assessment from LED experts. After three months of fierce competition, APEXLS, exceeding many LED manufacturers, has won the laurel of the top10 brand in LED application by the excellent R&D capacity and a large number of landscape LED display programs.

The enterprises that have acquired the Top10 prize are those with high brand perception, brand value potential, brand awareness and best service quality and integrated brand functioning management, as well as high comprehensive capabilities. Among them, it is undoubtful that APEXLS has gained the approval of LED proprietors, professionals, project partners, exceedingly proving that APEXLS is at the leading edge of LED business.

APEXLS is a high-tech enterprise with technology-oriented vision, which possesses at least 40 patents, and 6 patents for invention. In 2016, APEXLS has successfully achieved a great many of LED projects, which includes the grand curving LED display in Youe International Square in Chenzhou, Hunan. This project has covered 710 square meters, applying LEDMAN downward inclination high-quality LED lamps and power supply, considering both energy conservation and environmental protection. The LED lamp is LEDMAN’s patent product with large view angle, high consistency and accurate color range, which consume 30% power lower than average LED display, and provide higher power efficiency.

When faced with homogeneous competition, APEXLS, the integrated solution provider, has cast away the conventional low-price setting strategy, and chosen the combination of original design, solution making, and manufacturing with project establishment and after sale service. This Top10 prize is the approval of APEXLS’ brand value potential, brand popularity and product management. APEXLS will consistently persist in the spirit of innovation, making break through by its best quality and service in LED industry.

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