Ledman debut product inIndoor Led Display 2017,Light up ISE

2020-10-30 14:27

10th Feb 2017, Four days of 2017 Holland ISE fair had come to end successfully. As a service provider of LED products and sports resources, Ledman shares really shined out brightly in ISE exhibition, attracted a lot of customers at home and abroad to stop and have a deeper negotiations, to lay a good foundation of broadening Ledman overseas market.

Star products, Rock the house

ISE fair is the top exhibition with professional integrated equipment of video and audio and technologies in Europe, which is the first big exhibition of LED industry in the early 2017. Ledman shares with variety star LED displays unveiled in the fair, the main products would be the extreme small pixel P1.58 and P1.9, outdoor P4.8, and Eyetouch P2.9.

During the exhibition, Ledman shares has drew customers’ attention by its high-quality product and best services, and thought highly of our products, the stand was booming and visitors were streaming, all the samples were reserved

Best Service, High Reputation

Ledman sales team and technical team, The division of labour was clear-cut, each one being charged with specific responsibilities, to provide each single visitor with professional, detailed presentation and service. Presenting the brand strength of Ledman, R&D capability and product advantages to customers with patience. Leaving the sincere and bright smile of Ledman people in front of the samples and tables, received the positive comments of customers.

Review Samples, Perfect ending

This fair mainly based on the extreme small pixel. Victo series of P1.58 and P1.9 will be mainly recommended. Victor Series with ultra thin and unique box protection design, support front and rear maintenance, high refresh rate and high contrast, can easily achieve seamless splicing, it reveals the best character itself. Victo is the short-name for Victor and Victoria, which indicates that it would triumph over others in this business.

Meanwhile, Dpro Series developed by our own was more eye-catching. Expect for the HD and high contrast, it used die casting design, good-looking, rapid assembly. Demo at the scene by customers, thumbs up for our rapid assembly. At the same time, multiple installation modes for optional like lifting, fixing, floor screen and curved screen. Especially floor screen, was the debut product of Ledman, with the small size but perfect performance. Strong weight-bearing. Customers were impressed deeply by trampling, jumping on the screen personally and the screen without even a scratch.

Holland ISE fair ended successfully, 15th-18th Feb 2017, GZ ISLE fair, Let’s look forward to more exciting.

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