【Subsidiary performance】Rental Led Screen2017 Guangya Exhibi

2020-10-30 14:27

June 9-12th, 2017, the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya exhibition) in Guangzhou came to an end in Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall. LEDMAN wholly owned subsidiary company Torshare Technology (abbreviate LEDMAN Torshare below) brought a variety of exhibits to participate the show this time.

Fine product display &quality priority

The show last for four days, LEDMAN Torshare’s booth was crowded all the time, the exhibitors from all over the world stopped by for advising and exchanging about led lighting products. The main products of this exhibitions are: LED linear industry mining lamp, UFO mining lamp, Troffer, LED strip light, Wall pack, Canopy etc, all are the LEDMAN Torshare’s competitive products.

Company made a special design for exhibits quantity and display style. Light up three or four pcs of each item and took high resolution realistic huge poster as background to give a 3D visual sense to clients. The LED linear mining lamp and UFO mining lamp was displayed in the background of the warehouse, reflecting a perfect lighting performance of the high power indoor lighting. Troffer was design to install in the office, the future direction for troffer manufacturing is to make the craftwork more delicate. We use LED strip light to install in the underground parking environment as its quick installation advantage. Wall pack and Canopy are good to reflect Torsshare’s the new breakthrough in outdoor lighting. These exhibits show the Torshare’s technological progress and innovation in the LED lighting products.

In addition, in order to strengthen the interaction with the customer on the spot, we also exhibited two led display posters from LEDMAN to broadcast all series quality products. The perfect combination of LED display and led lighting products makes LEDMAN Torshare’s booth quite attractive, many new customers have said they will visit LEDMAN Torshare’s factory in recent days, showing strong cooperation willingness.

Professional inspection highlights the brand

It worth to mention that, in the first day of the exhibition, LEDMAN Torshare booth welcomes a special client, representative group members from Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association (SLDA). The delegation is composed of LED industry experts, consultants, association president aims to communicate with the LED industry representatives to find out the industry new material, good products, new markets for LED sustainable development advice. LEDMAN Torshare CEO Ke zhipeng explained all the series of LED lighting products himself to the visiting group.

This show with full sincerity!LEDMAN Torshare bring new products to customer via this show, the exhibition also provide a platform for LEDMAN Torshare to show its brand. Torshare is keeping working hard to realize the goal of being the world-class LED commercial lighting brand.

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