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2020-10-30 14:44

In order to perfect the talent echelon construction and provide sufficient personnel reserves for the sustainable development of the company, while creating the best employer brand image and enhance corporate brand reputation and influence, Ledman opened the project "Run with the dream" - Ledman 2018 campus elite recruitment program since September.

“East or West, Guilin scenery is best” the first stop----Guilin

September 24-29, 2017, Ledman 2018 school recruit team came to Guilin. Ledman school recruit team carried out campus preaching in Guilin University of Technology, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology and talk about the youth story and a bright future with science and engineering students. Three preaching meetings attracted nearly 300 people to participate in and received more than 200 copies of the resume. Ultimately after the repeated sifting, those chosen excellent talents will become the “fresh blood” for Ledman. During the period, the school recruit team also visited the leader of employment department and class counselors of the college, university leaders pay highly attention to all previous campus recruitment of Ledman, both sides reached a broad consensus about deepening the school-enterprise cooperation, graduating students training and company brand image promotion.

“The elite were bred in Chu” the next stop---Changsha

After the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Ledman 2018 campus team came to Changsha without a stop on 8-10th Oct. The brand influence and industry reputation of Ledman was highly regarded and strongly recommended by the Changsha University of Science and Technology and Hunan Business School. Each school recruit special lectures were attracted more than 200 people to listen to and participate in recruitment activities.

since ancient times, there has been rich cultural atmosphere and many talented people in Human, the recruiting trip of University of science and engineering is mainly for R & D comprehensive staff talent echelon reserve, and finally through layers of screening and assessment, a total of several excellent research and development, marketing, finance Personnel was recruited at Changsha station, and a long-term friendship was establish with the school.

As a listed company, Ledman shoulder a strong sense of social responsibility, and recognized by the majority of teachers and students in the employer's brand image. After the campus recruitment at Guilin and Changsha station, the Ledman 2018 campus elite recruitment program came to a perfect end! In the internship period in Ledman, , the company will conduct a series of training for the graduates, so that the transition will be processed more smoothly from the campus into the community, from the students to the workers, and help them build their own career planning, and go into the social role smoothly.

“Young we were, schoolmates, At life’s full of flowering”. On road development in the future in Ledman, today's young person will become the bright star in Ledman.

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