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Announcement for the presTransparent Led screens conference

2020-10-30 15:37

Stock Code: 300162 Stock Short Name: Ledman Share Announcement NO.:2016-003

Announcement for the press conference of Ledman’s sponsorship of PSL and abroad study plan of Chinese football players.

Contents in this announcement are promised to be authentic, accurate and intact. There is no unveracious, misleading and omitted information.

Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (Refer to Ledman) is planning to cooperate with LIGA PORTUGUESA DE FUTEBOL PROFISSIONAL to hold the press conference of Ledman’s sponsorship of PSL and abroad study plan of Chinese football players.. Details as below:
Part 1, General Information
1.Time for the conference: 25th of Jan., 2016, 3:30pm-5:30pm
2.Location: Jubao hall of the Financial Street Westin Grand Vancouver Hotel.

Part 2, Profile of LPFP (known as Liga Portugal)
LPFP consists of the Super League of Portugal, the Second League of Portugal (Segunda Liga) and the Portuguese Second Division, and the Super League (Super Liga) is the first-level football league in Portugal. The Super League of Portugal, with 18 teams, transcended the France Ligue 1 and was ranked as the 5th football league in Europe by the FIFA. The Second League of Portugal was organized in 1990. It consists of 24 teams is second to the Super League of Portugal only.

Part 3, Significance for Ledman.
Chinese government is working hard to reform Chinese football market. Under this circumstance, Ledman focuses on Chinese football and invests related fields to seek for a long term development and overseas cooperation for Chinese football. Refer to the cooperation with LPFP, it will facilitate the communication of football culture between China and Portugal. There will be more opportunities for Chines football players to study abroad and improve themselves. Besides, it will also increase the popularity and influence of Ledman in both domestic and overseas sports industries.

Part 4, Reminding for risk
The positive influence of the conference for company operation will depend on the process and degree of taking all strategies into practice and there will not be that much influence in a short term. Please keep attention for the risk of investment.

Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

The Board of Directors

19th of Jan., 2016

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