Cylindrical LED Display o Fine-Pitch led display f Apexls, A

2020-10-30 15:38

Apexls, which is Subsidiary Corporation of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, provided a Cylindrical LED Display to Cui Hua gold shop in Shenyang. This LED Display, located in the center of Cui Hua shop, looks like a colorful pillar. It also makes the solemn shop full of vigor. As long as Cylindrical LED Display is lighted, its amazing visual experience, creative design and excellent effect let the proprietor and spectator feel wonderful.
Researched and invented by Apexls, the product P6, with diameter 0.9m and height 1.728m, the display area is 4.98㎡. The high quality of black lamp 2121 makes the brightness of display reach more than 1000CD/㎡. Standing on the base of pedestal, playing videos of Cui Hua, the Cylindrical LED Display shows the perfect fusion of Chinese traditional craft and high technology industries and greatly enhances the brand image and business reputation.
Cui Hua gold shop, first batch of identified "old" enterprise by Ministry of Commerce of China, has become a collection of gold, platinum, diamonds, jade and other jewelry. Products combine the traditional technology and modern technology, and it’s very popular in the north of China.
Cui Hua gold shop trusts the quality of products of Apexls. Cylindrical LED Display is patented product of Apexls and is one of the most popular series of creative display of Apexls’ exhibition products. Cylindrical LED Display has a thin, lightweight, high pixel density, viewing angle, round high curvature, low cost installation characteristics, and it can be floor or ceiling installation mode. Its size, diameter, height can be customized according to the customer demand. It also can play advertising content and meet customer’s perfect visual pursuit.
The biggest advantage of Cylindrical LED Display is having a 360 degree viewing angle, effectively extending visual space. It can complete elimination of the dead zone watch. It’s a new favorite in the exhibition grounds, high-end stores, the stage bars, brand stores and many other media displays.

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