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Lingnan Landscape Joins wRental Led Screenith Ledman in Buil

2020-10-30 15:38

13 July, Lingnan Landscape and Ledman both post a message, announcing that the two companies with other partners will jointly invest to set up Shanghai “Four Dimensions” Cultural Development Partnership (limited partnership). The initial invested operating project is "Shanghai Modern Tribe VR World," and the investment is proposed to be 300 million yuan.
According to the announcement, there are 8 investors of the target company, wherein Shenzhen Qianhai Chunyang Asset Management Co. Ltd., as a GP, invested 200 million. As LPs, Ledman and Lingnan Landscape each invested 500 million, and some banks, trusts, private equity and other investors invested 200 million, becoming the three priority limited partner. The announcement also indicates that the annual return of priority limited partner is 10% -12%. Other four investors are inferior LPs, namely Yin Hongwei, the actual controller of Lingnan Landscape, Li Mantie, the actual controller of Ledman, Lingnan investment, the affiliate of Lingnan Landscape and Shanghai Heng Jing Investment Management Partnership (limited partnership), with capital contribution of 30 million yuan, 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan and 800 million yuan correspondingly. The investment partners of Heng Jing are Liu Jun and other natural persons, all employees of Shanghai Hengrun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. which is the subsidiary of Lingnan Landscape.

The proposed investment of the target company Shanghai “Four Dimensions” Cultural Development Partnership (limited partnership) is 300 million, with a term of seven years (5 + 1 + 1 mode, the first five-year is investment period, then 1 year exit period and 1 year grace period). The purpose of the partnership is co-managing the Shanghai World Expo "modern tribes" project, investing other similar projects according to the investment management situation, and entrusting the operation to operating companies established by the partnership.
According to Lingnan Landscape, following the second pioneering strategic goal, the company completed the acquisition of Shanghai Hengrun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015, officially involved in cultural tourism industry. The initial invested operating project -- "Shanghai Modern Tribe VR World" is a culture and Tourism-operating item, with operating income as its profit model.
Lehman said that the initial invested operating project -- "modern tribe" is mainly an experience operating project with large LED Dome screen plus VR technology. The smooth operation of the project will help Ledman to get involved in the field of VR based on high-tech LED shaped screen. At the same time, participating in this investment will help to tap the potential opportunities of high-quality investment with the full use of professional investment team and resources.

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