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2020-10-30 15:39

“Thirteenth Five-year Plan” points out the future years’ direction and layout of Chinese economic development which contains large investment opportunity. LED Display should aim at the right investment fields and then money is waving its hand to you。

Virtual Reality

At present, with near hundreds of development, the global virtual reality industries still stay at the beginning stage. The supplying chain and any other ancillary facilities are still in groping. However, the development future is imaginable with very wide application fields such as game, movie and TV, education, sports, planate exploration, medical care etc.
Now, LED display with AR technology have been able to achieve virtual reality interaction, such as chip photoelectric carrying AR augmenting reality and touch control technology, can provide two solutions of virtual fitting room and touch screen.


As we all know, LED display has been applied to sports fields. Today, in the big sports event, LED screens have been an indispensable display medium. Depending on the high brightness, rich colors, flexible application, LED displays are used in national and international competitions like Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen International Universities' Games etc. including opening and closing ceremonies, venue information display screens, internal/external stadium surrounding display screen, the application case increasingly rich, output constant breakthroughs and moving towards a new level.

Cloud Computing

Enterprise migration to the cloud is the trend of The Times. We can see the public and private cloud market growth still go neck and neck. At present, there are several LED enterprises setting up their own cloud platform, but the market share is not high. It is said that the cloud computing market in China is still in the bud, but the market cake is becoming more and more tempting. Therefore, the LED enterprises speeding up the building the clouds will be beneficial to grasp the market opportunities.

Medical Apparatus

2014, China's medical equipment market scale growth from 17.3 billion Yuan to 255.6 billion Yuan, increased by nearly 15 times, compound growth rate of 23%.But from the contrast of medical equipment market scale and drug market scale, the global medical device market scale is roughly 40% of the global drug market scale, but in China the proportion is less than 15%. With the development of economy as well as increasing domestic aging degree, medical apparatus and instruments market development potential is huge.
Through a large number of clinical practices, the biological medical experts agree that LED medical equipment can probably replace He - Ne laser phototherapy device which has wide developing potential in the medical application field.

Cultures and Entertainment

Consumption upgrade leads people’s consumption habits gradually tilted to cultural entertainment. Consumption crowd is becoming younger age and consumption amount is increasing. 2015 was also a year for independent IP hot. Films like Charlotte Annoyance, Demon Hunt, "LOL Series ", constantly refresh domestic box-office records.
Over the years, the LED display screen stepping into the cinema has become a big wish of the LED display enterprises. Now, with the breakthrough of small pixel pitch technology and the cost, we are looking forward to seeing LED display in the cinema one day.

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