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2020-10-30 15:53

Recently, the 2017/18 season, the Australian Football Super League (hereinafter referred to as: Australia Super League) in the Central Coast Stadium officially kicked off. The opening ceremony of the game, Ledman's Newcastle Jets away 5 to 1 victory over Central Coast Mariners, made a new season of the opener; it is also in this game, Ledman LED stadium screen installation was completed in the first of the Australian Super League Show, and was shining all over the stadium.

Ledman LED Stadium screen was installed in the Australia Super League stadium is another big project at the international level of football league after the Europe's French League, China Super League/Premier League/League B since 2011.

A-League, the Australian Football Super League, is Australia's highest level of professional football league, a total of nine Australian clubs and a New Zealand club, each year at least two Australian super clubs debut at AFC champions league stadium. Among which Newcastle Jets Club was 100% acquired by Ledman’s chairman and president, Martin Lee, it becomes a new element in Ledman’s international sports layout.

At the beginning of 2017, Ledman together with a well-known Australian advertising company marched into the Australian major sports field. In this Australian Super League project, Ledman participated in the bidding with a number of listed companies from China and the famous US LED manufacturers at the same time,the Australian Football Association finally choose Ledman as its exclusive supplier to provide high-quality LED stadium screen after many times factory visits, and rigorous siftings, a comprehensive comparison of the manufacturers in product performance, after-sales service and other aspects of competitiveness.

By now, Ledman have completed the home LED stadium screen installationand commissioning work, including the Central Coast Mariners, Newcastle jets, Sydney FC and many other Australian Super Clubs. It is understood that the Australian Super League LED Stadium screen project was in a severe environment with salt spray, high temperature and humidity, because some of the stadium is located in Australia near the coast. In response to that, Ledman’s R & D engineers made a special design, so that LED screen could works well to show the perfect display and ensure the performance and guarantee the product life.

Australian Super League project and Newcastle Jets acquisition is a perfect overseas combination of Ledman high-tech LED and sports dual main industry.

Ledman LED products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions. Many years experience ofLED product service for football stadium and operational maintenance, as well as a deep understanding to the club and football professional league, Lehman has the ability and confidenceto provide high quality service and assurance for Australian Super League and even more international professional football league.

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