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Grounded! Ledman’s acti flexible led screenve patent layout

2020-10-30 15:53

As a leading company in LED display and LED packaging technology industry, Ledman has been implementing a technology-driven development strategy. COB MilliLED display technology, integrated LED packaging and LED display technology, which Ledman actively explore the technological innovation since 2014.

Ledman has invested much capital in researching and accumulated a large number of intellectual property rights in the field of LED packaging and LED display technology over the years. Till now, Ledman has applied for a total of 244 patents, 78 of which are invention patents and currently 182 patents are valid. On the bases of abundant technical accumulation in LED packaging and LED display field, in recent years Ledman continue to make breakthroughs in display technology and achieve a lot in technical research after years of continuous innovation.

In order to protect the research production of COB MilliLed display technology, up to now Ledman have applied for more than a dozen of COB display technology-related patents, including "a LED display", "LED packaging methods, circuit board production methods and display" etc, which has obtained the patent authorization of State Intellectual Property Office.

Recently, Ledman released the first COB MilliLED display panel product, which is a well-grounded technological innovation achievement, Ledman will continue to strengthen the innovation of LED packaging and LED display, and constantly launch more excellent COB MilliLED display products.

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