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2020-10-30 15:53

February 4th, 2017, LEDMAN Corporation Headquarters and its sub-branches Huizhou LEDMAN held a lively festive events, unique New Year start ceremony and mission in a harmonious festive atmosphere .All staff back to LEDMAN happily and sent best wishes to each other.

All staffs Line up to get Red Envelopes
Time: 8:58 AM
Location: LEDMAN Headquarters, Shenzhen

With the joyful New Year music, staffs in LEDMAN Headquarters gathered at LEDMAN Chairman Martin Lee and Vice-president Wang’s office, line up to get Red Envelopes, lucky wishes at the good beginning. The longer line means the better life and lucky.
Martin Lee and Wang dispatched red envelopes separately. Martin Lee shared a story between Ma Yun( President of Alibaba) and Newcastle, and gave Ma Yun a jersey on the scene of jet club. Encourage people to seize opportunities. President Wang encouraged the young to bloom glory like the sunrise. All employees wished Martin Lee and President Wang good health and wished LEDMAN Corporation have a glory 2017.
Unity and harmony, New Year start ceremony
Time: 13:38 PM
Location: Square of Huizhou LEDMAN

Martin Lee rushed to Huizhou LEDMAN, participated the New Year start ceremony. All staffs gathered at Front Square standing in neatly. Firstly, Martin Lee presented best greetings and blessing to all LEDMANS. He said Huizhou LEDMAN plays an important role as manufacturing in LEDMAN, and hoped everyone create profits for company, with happiness to LEDMAN family, to strive to achieve both personal and corporate goals in double harvest. Martin Lee announced “Light firecrackers”, ringing off firecrackers at the gate of Huizhou LEDMAN, indicating the start of the fire. Martin Lee leading executives to distribute new year red envelope, sending the most sincere wishes and greetings , meaning lucky in 2017.
Held New Year Forums
Time: 14:10 PM
Location: Meeting room in Huizhou LEDMAN

Martin Lee, 2017 outstanding staffs and management representatives attended the New Year forum in Huizhou LEDMAN’s Meeting room. They discussed the Spring Festival family goals to urban and rural changes extended to personal work and corporate development goals. Then Vice-president Colin Huang,the International Display Division shared: 2017 sales and production trends and objectives, encourage colleagues confidence and strength. Finally, Martin Lee talked about the LEDMAN 4.0 strategic layout and development direction, hoped that departments work together, creates new goals at the beginning of New Year, and obtains new results.

We come together, greeting the festivities of the New Year, with the hope of the New Year.
We have been moving forward, firmly believing, adhering to the initial mission.
We running all the way, thinking about the latest dream, toward the goal.
Here we are. We are accumulating full strength!
Let’s get full of enthusiasm to hug LEDMAN in 2017, to create a new glory and prosperous in the future.

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