New Possibilities with SANSI Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays

2020-10-26 11:06

For LED display screens, there is not much information that you should know. Generally speaking, you may hear more about outdoor led display screens, indoor led display screens, and led TV walls. So what is more information about led display screens? , Let’s take a look at other information about the led display.

New Possibilities with SANSI Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays Back 2018/01/29

The LED industry has experienced increased momentum for narrow pixel pitch displays and this momentum is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Pixel Pitch is the distance from the center of an LED to the center of the next LED cluster/pixel measured in millimeters. The tighter pixel spacings create a more detailed and crisp appearance, making narrow pixel pitch LED displays ideal association for applications.

Narrow pixel pitch LED display delivers impressive visual quality means choosing high quality components that perform efficiently. With adopting latest innovations in reliability technology, SANSI VT series have been applicated to corporate, broadcast and retail settings, with control rooms and public areas as well.
Fast Installation & Seamless Assembly
Adopting positioning pins to achieve structural installation, fast and reliable. Built-in lock system in the cabinet, seamless splicing and assembling.
Revolutionary Signal Transmission
Avoiding transmission failures caused by traditional signal connectors and flat wire. Failure rate decreases by 60%.
Unique CPU Processing Technology
Real-time monitoring on operating status.
Automatic fault diagnosis, positioning and warning of failures.
360°Cooling Design
Die-casting aluminum cabinet,360째 convection ventilation design.
Intelligent Software System  
Intelligent control and player system by cloud technology.
Timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential failure.
One-Button 3D/2D Exchange
3D/2D freely switching, without additional devices.

SANSI is a market leader in narrow pixel pitch LED display solutions with many marquee installations around the globe. Over 25 years of display experience has given us the expertise, flexibility and customer focus to provide innovative products.

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