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SANSI Indoor LED Display Solutions for Professional Use

2020-10-26 11:09

SANSI Indoor LED Display Solutions for Professional Use Back 2018/07/24

SANSI LED display products are widely utilized in media advertising, stadiums, intelligent transportation, governments and schools, etc. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality, professional indoor LED display solutions to meet with various projects requirements.

P1.9 55㎡

VE series represent best-in-class image performance with solutions tailored to the unique needs of indoor applications, especially available in a particular installation space. From high brightness displays to our proprietary LED technology, SANSI LED display delivers unmatched performance, reliability and superior image quality in a diverse range of environments.

VE series highlights:

Wall-mounted structure,supporting front installation, saving space.

Magnetic design in modules, completely front-maintenance available, easy service and disassembly.

NR20 noise level.

Die-casting aluminum cabinet, 360° convection ventilation design.

Innovative spring contact system that unifies data and power transmission, failure rate decreases by 60%.

Utra-thin design module with metal chassis, good color uniformity.

3D/2D freely switching without additional devices.

Built-in CPU module design and intelligent monitoring software, timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential failure.

Meet CE, FCC, ETL certifications.

Comply with human engineering design, seamless edges , comfortable handle.

P7.6 332㎡

LED displays are changing the face of our public spaces while enhancing indoor rooms productivity. Marketing is now moving towards more dynamic and customizable platforms, SANSI is the industry leader with recognized expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative, energy-efficient LED display solutions, systems, and services. Our LED display solutions serve many customers in diverse markets with a value-added solution that begins with understanding your project needs. We will guide you through every stage from initial concept to final installation.

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