directional Bulb with Wide Dimming Range

2020-10-26 16:10

SANSI Introduces New LED Omni-directional Bulb with Wide Dimming Range Back 2019/05/07

One of the main benefits of Omni-directional LEDs is their versatility. Due to the fact they can be dimmable and non-dimmable as well as varying color temperatures. There are not many situations that would not benefit from them. Omni-directional LED bulbs can be used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Omni-directional LED bulbs are most suited towards general lighting. This means that they can be used in a host of rooms around the home while also being used outdoors in a semi-enclosed fixture.

Dimmable LED Omni-directional Bulbs

Dimmable LED Omni-directional bulbs, despite their initial higher cost, are a great investment for the home. Dimmable LED bulbs are able to dim smoothly from 0-100% making them fantastic for general and ambient lighting. They can be used in every room. However, their most frequently used rooms are the bedroom and the living room. This is due to their ability to go smoothly from super bright to dimming down to match the mood of the room. Layered lighting is the optimal way to light your home aesthetically and performance wise and dimmable bulbs can help with this.

The unique design, fast heat dissipation

First of all, omni-directional light bulbs has ceramic white body coupled with its hollowed out base, gives them a distinct look that benefits both their look and their performance. Their unique use of ceramic and hollow base design is there for a reason. The ceramic and the hollow base are used as in these bulbs to complement the bulb's heat dissipation. Ceramic as a substance has incredibly tightly bonded atoms and this makes it less conductive to heat. This along with hollow base of the bulb allow the bulbs to produce a lot of light while using minimum power and energy. SANSI's structure and design are all about saving energy while not sacrificing the quality of the light.

Patented ceramic heat dissipation LED technology

With each Independent Heat Sink® being PCB and adhesive free, it allows the bulb to dissipate heat much faster than other LED’s. Prolonging the life of the bulbs.SANSI’s LED chips are mounted onto the ceramic directly, the LED chip(s) for SANSI’s LED lights are both PC board and thermal adhesive free. Compared with traditional heat dissipation systems, SANSI’s ceramic heat dissipation system prolongs the life of the LED light.

270 °beam angle, uniformed light distribution

Optical technology ensures that 93% of the light emitted is contained within the customized beam angle. SANSI optic lenses prevent optical loss and provide a uniformed light distribution. The best thing about the beam put out from these bulbs is that the light is evenly distributed even brightly even right on the edges of the beam. These bulbs have E26 sockets so they can be used all around the home and with their range of lumens on offer they can be a great purchase for the home. They're flicker free and make no noise including the dimmable bulbs.

High-efficiency power management, energy efficient

High energy conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, cost saving and reliable. Omni -Directional LED bulbs equipped with self-produced power supply system, which ensures excellent heat dissipation effect and saves energy.

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