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Attention Points of Fu flexible led screenll Color LED Displ

2020-10-27 20:26

LED display like other items, inevitably encounters problems and precautions in use.

1. Anti-static

The LED display assembly factory should have good anti-static measures. Special anti-static grounding, anti-static floor, anti-static soldering iron, anti-static mat, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, humidity control, equipment grounding (especially cutting machine) are basic requirements, and should be regularly tested by static electricity meter.

2. Design current value

The nominal current of the LED is 20mA. It is generally recommended that the maximum current used is not more than 80% of the nominal value. Especially for small dot pitch LED displays, the current value should be reduced due to poor heat dissipation conditions. According to experience, due to the inconsistency of the red, green and blue LED attenuation speeds, the current values of the blue and green LEDs are specifically reduced to maintain the consistency of the white balance after the LED display is used for a long time.

3. Thermal design

When the LED works, it will generate heat. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the attenuation speed and stability of the LED. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of the PCB board and the ventilation and heat dissipation design of the cabinet will affect the performance of the LED.

4. Drive circuit design

The arrangement of the driver board driver IC on the display module also affects the brightness of the LED. Since the transmission path of driving IC output current on the PCB is too far away, the voltage drop of the transmission path is too large, which affects the normal operating voltage of the LED and causes its brightness to decrease. We often find that the brightness of the LEDs around the display module is lower than the middle, which is the reason. So, it is necessary to design the drive circuit distribution map to ensure the consistency of the brightness of LED display.


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