The Advantages of SMD Fine-Pitch led display Outdoor LED Di

2020-10-27 21:15

Outdoor LED display is the development trend of advertising industry in the 21st century. Outdoor LED display is an outdoor advertising display device with audio functions. It is a leading international high-tech product.

Classification of outdoor LED display:

1. Picture and text display media: Chinese characters, English text and graphics can be displayed synchronously with computer.

2. Video display media: controlled by Microcomputer, with pictures, real-time, synchronous, clear information dissemination way play all kinds of information, outdoor LED display can also display two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video recording, television, VCD programs and live.

Outdoor LED display screen media display is colorful, three-dimensional strong, static as oil painting, moving like a movie, widely used in finance, taxation, industry, commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, wharves, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places.

Main characteristics of outdoor LED display screen

1. Outdoor LED display media is widely used in public places, advertising, urban road networks, urban parking lots, railways, subways and other traffic guidance systems, highways and so on.

2. The outdoor LED display adopts VGA synchronization technology, and the large screen content is synchronized with the CRT, and the replacement of the advertisement content is simple and convenient; with the characteristic of large screen, super vision, high brightness and long service life.

3. Outdoor LED display is rich in color and has various display modes (graphics, text, 3D, 2D animation, TV screen, etc).

4. The outdoor LED display has a novel and unique appearance, which can enhance the city's scientific and technological level, enrich the cultural life of urban residents, and make it easier for residents to receive.

Media advantage of outdoor LED display screen

1. Outdoor LED display has the characteristics of fluidity, mandatory, pertinence and pragmaticality and so on.

2. Outdoor LED display have program advantages. Self-made programs, instant play, rich content; not only having advertising, but also having programs, including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio play, TV shows, commercials ads between programs.

3. Outdoor LED display has a certain location advantage. It is mainly installed in shopping malls and other places where traffic is concentrated,which LED full-color large screen is installed in the landmark area, and its transmission effect is more shocking and more mandatory.

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