​How to do when ledRental Led Screen displays are inflow of

2020-10-27 16:02

As technology advances and society develops, LED displays are becoming more and more popular. Many people who buy LED display screens only know their powerful functions, but they don't know how to deal with when fault occurs. This is due to the lack of knowledge about LED display screens. For example, do you know how to deal with LED flooding? Meiyad will introduce the specific methods and steps.

First, using fan or other tools to blow-dry the led display screen completely with the fastest speed.

Second, pow on and aging led screen after blow-dry completely as following steps:

1. Adjuste the brightness (all white) to 10%, pow on aging 8-12 hours.

2. Adjuste the brightness (all white) to 30%, pow on aging 12 hours.

3. Adjuste the brightness (all white) to 60%, pow on aging 12-24 hours.

4. Adjuste the brightness (all white) to to 80%, pow on aging 12-24 hours.

5. Adjuste the brightness (all white) to to 100%, pow on aging 8-12 hours.

Third, to complete the above steps, the led display will be back to normalbasically after completing the above steps. But you need to pay attention to several points:

1. When finding water in the warehouse or flooding the large LED screen, you should urgently deal with it, and do not delay the time.

2. Discover and organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen timely.

3. Don't put the LED display screen into the flight case, it is very easy to damage the LED wick.

4. When the warehouse enters the water, the flight case maybe flooded. All flight cases should be exposed to sunlight to prevent the moisture evaporating into the LED display screen after packing.

5. All water LED displays are not handled immediately, will influent LED display screen's stability more or less. In the process of emergency treatment, the led screen may be damage after power on.

6. If the led display is inflow of water over 72 hours, the led screen is basically worthless. Please be handled careful.

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