Two New LED Display series of JYLED Are Ready to Wow Visito

2020-10-23 10:58

In recent years, LED displays have become closer to people's daily lives. LED display has the advantages of high definition, large visibility, and strong flexibility. It is widely used in advertising media, school teaching, art exhibitions, home theaters, wedding events, and other occasions. For example, when advertising is played, the LED display screen can show dynamic advertising content to customers, and businesses can also change the playing content at any time according to their needs. If it encounters foggy weather, the LED display can also penetrate the dense fog, allowing more people to see it. Therefore, the use of LED display screens to play advertisements has gradually replaced traditional advertising boards.

Two New LED Display series of JYLED Are Ready to Wow Visitors on LED China 2016


The most well-known event in global LED industry---LED China 2016 opened today in Shanghai New International Expo Center. JYLED’s booth, as large as 108 square meters, is located in Hall E2. On this event, Artemis Series for outdoor permanent installation and a newly-released LED poster series are to attract visitors’ eyeballs.

Crius Cluster Display ——

 Crius Standby and Fold-out Stand ——

Artemis Double-sided on Single Pole ——

Slim and lightweight LED displays have been the hottest topic in the industry over past years, and the pursuit for light LED screens have boosted the application of dis-casting cabinets in indoor environment, and this speeds up the development and installation of slim and lightweight LED screens. On the ongoing LED China 2016, JYLED is showcasing a super slim LED display--- Artemis indoor series whose thickness is only 65mm. Moreover, Artemis indoor is front serviceable in every sense, allowing front maintenance of panels, power supplier and control board. Since it has been released in 2015, Artemis indoor enjoyed appraises and recognition from customers home and abroad.


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So far, LED displays to have a history of more than 30 years of development. As people's demand for it increases, its variety becomes more and more abundant. Although the most commonly used outdoor and indoor modules are still the most commonly used (p2.5 indoor and outdoor modules, p3 indoor and outdoor modules, p4 indoor and outdoor modules, p5 indoor and outdoor modules, p8 indoor and outdoor modules, p10 indoor and outdoor modules, etc.), but indoor small-pitch LED displays (p1.25 modules, p1.56 modules, p1.667 modules, p1.875 Modules, etc.) are becoming more and more popular. In addition to common fixed-installation and rental LED displays, special forms of LED displays such as transparent screens, sky screens, and floor tile screens are also more attractive. We believe that in the future, LED displays will bring us a more colorful life and visual experience.

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We are a professional manufacturer of P2, p2.5, P3, P4, p4.81, P5, P6, P8, P10 indoor and outdoor LED displays, providing you with high-quality, high-definition, cost-effective LED display products.

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