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Attracting the eye to the gold, just one step, How to build

2020-10-23 17:11

In recent years, LED displays have become closer to people's daily lives. LED display has the advantages of high definition, large visibility, and strong flexibility. It is widely used in advertising media, school teaching, art exhibitions, home theaters, wedding events, and other occasions. For example, when advertising is played, the LED display screen can show dynamic advertising content to customers, and businesses can also change the playing content at any time according to their needs. If it encounters foggy weather, the LED display can also penetrate the dense fog, allowing more people to see it. Therefore, the use of LED display screens to play advertisements has gradually replaced traditional advertising boards.

Attracting the eye to the gold, just one step, How to build your star shop?


The rapid development of the Internet economy promote the rapid development of the electricity supplier channels, bring great impact to the entity shops. However, how the entity shops to keep up with the pace of development of the Internet, even catch up with quick sales of the online mall channels and higher incomes?

With the rapid development of Digital Signage, to achieve this goal only need one step, that is the application of digital signage commercial display. If you place a digital signage LED display in front of the door or window of your shop, which plays a beautiful model photo, or brain open publicity video, believe that you will soon become the star shop of all floors. Colorful exquisite pictures or video can quickly attract the attention of potential customers, and they will be brought to your shop, so that you quickly get the eye and then suck gold.

CRIUS series of JYLED are specially designed products targeting for indoor HD LED advertising player with highly integrated hardware, ultra-thin and light body, which can be your first choice to achieve perfect indoor advertising display effect. They can be flexibly applied to all kinds of retail shops, and quickly attract customers and increase the profit. 


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So far, LED displays to have a history of more than 30 years of development. As people's demand for it increases, its variety becomes more and more abundant. Although the most commonly used outdoor and indoor modules are still the most commonly used (p2.5 indoor and outdoor modules, p3 indoor and outdoor modules, p4 indoor and outdoor modules, p5 indoor and outdoor modules, p8 indoor and outdoor modules, p10 indoor and outdoor modules, etc.), but indoor small-pitch LED displays (p1.25 modules, p1.56 modules, p1.667 modules, p1.875 Modules, etc.) are becoming more and more popular. In addition to common fixed-installation and rental LED displays, special forms of LED displays such as transparent screens, sky screens, and floor tile screens are also more attractive. We believe that in the future, LED displays will bring us a more colorful life and visual experience.


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