On commercial display, only CRIUS of JYLED

2020-10-23 17:11

For LED display screens, there is not much information that you should know. Generally speaking, you may hear more about outdoor led display screens, indoor led display screens, and led TV walls. So what is more information about led display screens? , Let’s take a look at other information about the led display.

On commercial display, only CRIUS of JYLED


With the development of advertising media, the of commercial economy, Posters appears in people’s vision. From LCD poster to traditional LED poster, and then to fine pixel pitch and innovative LED poster, this development has improved many defects of previous poster, such as low brightness, heavy structure, only suitable for remote viewing and other barriers, meanwhile fine pixel pitch and innovative LED poster brings more colorful display effect, more convenient operation and application.


In recent years, with the LED display cost reduction and the development of intelligent display technology, the innovative LED poster is entering the business market rapidly and replacing part of LCD poster market. It is not only become a magic weapon for many businesses to create a perfect shopping environment, but also open up the LED display market in the era of advertising, therefore innovative LED poster was born.

CRIUS V4 is the fourth generation of JYLED LED poster series. It is updated with optimized internal and external structure, maintenance and control system, which can achieve better performance on display effect and user experience. Installation options including fold-out standing, foot-mounting and wall-mounting are available for CRIUS V4. In addition, CRIUS V4 supports WIFI and mobile APP communication. Moreover, Internet remote cluster control and management make CRIUS V4 stand out by boosting advertising cost efficiency and magnifying profit.


CRIUS V4 can be widely installed in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, government agencies, and hospitals etc.


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