LED display development in 5 years

2020-10-23 17:11

For LED display screens, there is not much information that you should know. Generally speaking, you may hear more about outdoor led display screens, indoor led display screens, and led TV walls. So what is more information about led display screens? , Let’s take a look at other information about the led display.

LED display development in 5 years


The export amount of LED will keep rising by 16% in next 5 years.


Market survey from HIS claims that there is big chance the export of direct-view LED video display will maintain 16% booming annually during 2016~2020.


Chief of HIS science & technology digital signage, San jukhatri said:“application of LED video business differs from other technologies. Owing to less usage of LED in commercial and educational industry, whose clients tend to use front projector and LCD. The popular application of LED display belongs to retails & outdoor sports, such public places. The wide range in publics, retails, control rooms which stand for indoor application seems to increase instantly.” 


HIS predicts that the research & develop small pixel pitch will slow down in short terms, because it’s subject to the size of LED seal, plus the price rising of 1.9mm and below 1mm.

According to the report of Persistence Market Research, the global outdoor fixed installation of LED will be 15.7 billion till 2021. It is the majority sales volume of LED. Outdoor LED advertising display will take 46%. outdoor fixed installation of LED will keep increasing exceed 16% steadily. 


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