Indoor LED display Hebe S P3.9/3.1/2.6mm

2020-10-23 17:12

For LED display screens, there is not much information that you should know. Generally speaking, you may hear more about outdoor led display screens, indoor led display screens, and led TV walls. So what is more information about led display screens? , Let’s take a look at other information about the led display.

Born to fit your installation——Indoor LED display Hebe S P3.9/3.1/2.6mm


Hebe S series of products is the ingenuity of JYLED 25th anniversary, which aim at dedicating LED display market a flexible indoor fixed installation solution. The series has a new die-casting aluminum cabinet design, bringing lightweight and solid mechanical structure. Single cabinet only weighed 6.5kg and measured 70mm thickness, which can be quickly installed and transported. Perfect combination of die-casting aluminum cabinet and location column design effectively improves the module and cabinet splicing precision, ensuring that the entire screen is flat without seam. High refresh and gray scale processing create a colorful and vivid picture quality.

Hebe S has the following features:

A: Lightweight Cabinet

Aluminum alloy material, only 6.5kg and 70mm for a single cabinet, saving installation space and transportation costs.

B: Exquisite and Precise Structure
Die-casting aluminum processing, high precision, flat screen without patchwork, smooth picture.

C: Dual Maintenance with Magnetic Absorption  Rapid replacement of module, control panel, power supply, modules within 5S. Front and rear maintenance, easy and fast.

D: Efficient and Noiseless PFC Power

Internal aluminum design is the heat sink, ,fanless, ultra-quiet, up to 90% or more PFC power conversion efficiency, energy efficient and environmental friendly.

E: Various Installation and Splicing Modes

Support foot-mounting, hoisting installation, arc splicing and creative splicing etc, flexible and creative installation to fit various needs.         

F: Versatile Cabinet and Spare Parts

Consistent design for P3.9/3.1/2.6mm cabinet and spare parts, versatile spare parts, easy stocking, saving procurement costs.

G: Optional Installation Connection

Optional connection kits for both up & down and left & right installation to ensure rapid adjustment and installation, saving installation costs.

H:Clear and Bright Picture Quality

Use PWM high-end chip, 3840Hz refresh rate, 14bits gray scale and wide color gamut, presenting gorgeous and vivid visual effect.

I: Customized Cabinet Color with Decorative Function
Support the customization of power box color (yellow / blue / red / orange, etc.), which can add decorative function for different installation scenarios.

Hebe S is a cost-effective indoor product of JYLED, which can be widely used in commercial centers, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, conference rooms, airports, banks, studio, stage party and other fixed installation market.


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