LED Poster VS LCD Poster (2)

2020-10-26 16:09

LED Poster VS LCD Poster (2)


In terms of service life, the light flux attenuation of LCD display is fast, it needs to be replaced after running for about a year and a half generally, but the LED poster can run for more than five years in the same environment. Moreover, because of the splicing features of LED display, LED poster is easy to maintain and reduce the loss rate of equipment failure, which can greatly reduce the economic loss of the advertising operators.

               LCD Poster                                      LED Poster 

With the development of Internet, the new marketing methods such as two-dimensional code, LBS, even the latest NFC payment and so on, which are more and more popular among advertisers, LED displays are the best advertising carriers. You can also use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between LED poster and audience, such as touch screen and  cloud technology broadcast control management.

Based on the above advantages, the advertising market has a great potential demands for the LED poster, and it has shown great acceptance ability at this stage. Despite the market demands, in current, in the environment that the outdoor big screen market is becoming more and more saturated, LED posters break the boundary of display devices between big size display and small size display for the enterprise, and open a new outlet for the development of the industry.


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