QSTECH Supplies Display t Fine-Pitch led display o Supercopa

2020-10-28 18:23

QSTECH Supplies Display to Supercopa Endesa Basketball Court, Zaragoza, Spanish


A new center-hung cubic LED display system from QSTECH was successfully installed in Zaragoza, Spanish on the date of 18th September. It not only provides various kinds of advertising information, but also broadcasts many splendid event races for the audiences.

The installed LED display adopted Zeus series product from QSTECH with 12mm pixel pitch.The whole system includes 4 faces 416*240 pixels screen by use of the advanced technology of SMD. It covers an area of 57.5 square meter in total to fulfill the viewing needs.

Our customer was quite satisfied with this project and gave high recognition to QSTECH LED display for the quality and service. Additionally, he also expressed the hope to cooperate with QSTECH on the LED display aspect in the future.


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