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A2K Networked Player

Colorlight A2K Networked Player
Colorlight A2K Networked Player

Safety Precautions

Before using the equipment, please read all the safety precautions to ensure the safety and correct use of the product!

1.1 Do not open the cover

To prevent personal accidents, non-technical personnel of our company should not disassemble the top cover of the equipment.

1.2 Please use the power supply and accessories approved by the manufacturer

The power supply of this product supports DC 5V-12V power input. Please use the power cord that comes with the product, or use a power cord that meets the standard.

1.3 Avoid all functional interfaces from contacting charged objects

This product is an electronic product, and the functional interface may cause damage to the circuit components when contacting charged objects, thereby affecting the normal use of the product.

1.4 Keep away from dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive

Keep away from flammable and explosive materials, and do not operate and use this product in an flammable and explosive environment!

1.5 This product does not support waterproof design, please do not directly contact with liquid or use it in a humid environment

Safety protection measures

In the installation procedures of all A2K networked players, please follow the safety rules to avoid personal injury and equipment damage.

Unboxing and inspection

Before opening the A2K networked player box, please check for damage. If there is damage, please notify the carrier in time to confirm the payment related matters. After unpacking, please reconfirm with the packaging details. If you find that the accessories are incomplete, please contact the corresponding salesperson in time.

Product description

A2K is a new generation of cloud networked players, supports 4K H265/H264 hard decoding, and supports 1080P high-definition output. Based on the powerful Colorlight cloud service platform, it provides functions such as browser login device monitoring, program production, scheduling and cluster publishing, and multi-level authority management.

Support 4G, Wi-Fi, wired network and other networking methods, rapid deployment to realize intelligent cloud management functions, multiscreen, multiservice, and unified management across regions. Supports the use of PlayerMaster for program editing and release, supports arbitrary arrangement of programs in multiple windows, and supports playback of various program materials such as videos, pictures, texts, tables, weather, and clocks. It is widely used in LCD commercial display fields, such as chain store screens, advertising machines, retail store screens, and PC-free screens.

Feature of product

 Support 1080P HD output

 Supports cloud server hierarchical management and multirole program release

 Powerful processing performance, support H265/H264 4K HD video hard decoding playback

 Dual-band Wi-Fi, stable connection, fast transmission rate, support configuration as Wi-Fi Station or Wi-Fi AP

 8GB capacity

 Multiple playback methods

• Support U disk plug and play, U disk to update the list of playing programs

• Support multiscreen synchronized playback

• Support timing instructions

 Window and material

• Support multi-program page playback, up to 32 program pages

• Support rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, text, clocks, etc., support video, picture zoom

• Support multi-window playback and superimposition, window size and position can be set freely

• Play up to 2 high-definition windows or 1 4K video playback window at the same time

 Comprehensive control plan

• Support the control of multiple control platforms, LED wizard, mobile phone, tablet PC APP control

• Support a variety of different application software for management, convenient for different applications

 Network communication

• Wi-Fi dual-band dual-mode, support Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5G frequency bands, Wi-Fi hotspot mode or Wi-Fi client mode

• LAN, support DHCP mode and static mode

• 4G communication, supporting 4G networks in various countries (optional)

• GPS positioning (optional)

Appearance description

Quick start

Users only need 3 simple steps to master the basic usage of A2K player.

Step 1: Correctly connect the player and LCD monitor

Step 2: Configure player parameters

Step 3: Edit and publish the program


1. For detailed configuration methods, please refer to the next chapter.

2. The necessary software can be downloaded from our official website: www.colorlightinside.com [Service Support] → [Download Area].

Detailed setup steps

Step 1: Correctly connect the player and LCD monitor

Step 2: Configure player parameters

The parameters of the player mainly include 2 aspects:

1. Network parameters: choose according to the actual needs of customers.

• Stand-alone playback: no configuration is required.

• LAN mode: According to actual needs, configure LAN, WiFi, WiFi hotspot, choose one of them.

• Cloud networking mode: According to actual needs, configure LAN, WiFi, 4G, choose one of them.

2. Other configuration: temporarily do not need to configure, if necessary, configure again.

1. Configure network parameters

① Use the USB cable to connect the A2K to the computer.

② Open PlayerMaster and select the device under USB direct connection.

③ In the main interface of [Device Management], click the network setting icon to enter the following interface (this article takes the LAN port as an example, after connecting the network cable, the player automatically obtains an IP address), and click Apply.

After the setting is successful, the work of program production, program release, and equipment management can be carried out through this communication method.

2. Configure other parameters of the player

Other functions: view schedule, brightness, sound, device time, power, device language, advanced settings

Step 3: Edit and publish the program

1. In the main interface of [Program Management], click to set the resolution of the program (generally the same as the screen resolution), and enter the program editing area.

The basic unit of the program can be independently assigned to the playback device for playback.

Program page When different window layouts are needed in the same program, it can be realized by setting different program pages.

Of course, it can also be achieved by setting different programs.

Window Multiple program windows can be added to the program page. The content of different program windows is different. The program windows under the same program page are all played at the same time.

The window determines the layout of the program.

Material The specific content displayed on the LCD screen. Including videos, pictures, Gif, text files, Office files.

Note: In each LCD screen, the relationship between the program page and the program page, and the content and content in the same program window are all played in sequence, and the program window and the window under the same program page are parallel and played simultaneously Relationship.

2. Click to add programs in the following formats:

Window type description

Serial number window type content description

1 File window Video, picture, GIF, TXT document, RTF document, Office document (Word, Excel, PPT)

2 Single-line text :TXT document, manual editing and input

3 Single-column text :TXT document, manual editing and input

4 Multi-line text: TXT document, RTF document, Word document, manual editing input

5 China Meteorology Domestic city weather

6 Global weather Global city weather

7 Analog clock Circular image clocks

8 Digital clock Digital timing clocks

9 Timer Positive timer, countdown timer

10 Webpage Manually enter the URL, such as www.szjy-led.com

11 Streaming Media URL Program

12 News Aggregation News Subscription

3. Choose different program windows and materials according to actual needs. After editing, click Save and then click Publish.

After the release is completed, the content just released will be displayed on the LCD monitor.


At this point, you have mastered the basic functions of the A2K player.

If you need to know more advanced functions, please refer to the PlayerMaster instruction manual or contact our technicians for more information.

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