Advantages and Features of Rental LED Displays

Due to the lightweight structure of the rental LED display, it is often used in shopping malls, fashion conferences, large-scale singing and dancing parties, wedding venues, film and television studios, digital stages and other places. This is inseparable from its own advantages and characteristics.

Advantages of renting LED display

  1. Ultra-lightweight

Because the LED rental screen needs to be transported from the warehouse to the event site when it is used, it has the characteristics of not fixed use. In order to make it more convenient for users to use, a good LED rental screen is usually made very thin and light, and the box body of the rental screen is made of light-weight cast aluminum. More convenient conditions are provided in terms of installation.

2, the size can be customized

The scale of literary and artistic activities is large or small, so the LED rental screens that need to be used will be very different in size. However, LED rental screens with reliable quality can be spliced ​​during use, so no matter what scale activities and rental screens can meet the size requirements of the stage by splicing. In addition, different shapes such as arcs and planes can be customized according to the stage environment.

  1. Color HD

Because the LED rental screen adopts excellent color fidelity technology in the production process, and the LED lights used in the display screen have strong transparency, and the resolution of each display unit is high, so when the LED rental screen is used as an After the stage background is used, it can provide the audience with a good viewing picture with high-definition colors.

Features of rental LED display
(1). “High stability”: Double backup and half-fold mode are adopted to reduce problems caused by accessories

(2). “High flatness”: The use of large-sized unit boards reduces the assembly gap of the entire screen, improves the flatness of the product, and effectively uses the receiving system to reduce product costs without losing high refresh rates.

(3). “Light and thin coexist”: All-aluminum box body is die-casting, each standard box weighs only 10-15kg, and the thickness is only 75mm; it makes the installation, disassembly and handling of the display screen more convenient and fast, and also greatly improves The customer saves the storage space, the cost of the air box and the subsequent storage and handling costs;

(4). “Easy installation and disassembly”: professional hoisting and assembling structure design, reduce the trouble of user screen assembly and disassembly, shorten the time and improve work efficiency;

(5). “High brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, high stability”: the use of high-quality raw materials, combined with our company\’s superior R&D technology and production process, makes the LED Floor Tile Display screen perform better and more stable;

(6). “Concise, beautiful and generous”: By optimizing the structural design of the cabinet, it presents customers with a simple and high-end product image that complements the exquisitely arranged stage.

(7) “Easy to operate”: Through the humanized power supply and signal indicator, it is convenient to monitor the operation status of the screen in real time, and quickly adjust the fault in time.

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