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Are LED flexible screens used a lot now?

The LED flexible screen is made of an LED soft module. The LED soft module is a kind of display screen. It adopts a flexible design. So, are LED flexible screens used more now? Let us find out together.

LED flexible screen application scenarios

Public places such as commercial centers and large commercial supermarkets.

Generally speaking, large shopping malls will have large building load-bearing beams, which are monotonous, occupy space and waste space. The LED cylindrical screen is used in these aspects, while solving the influence of the pillar, it can achieve various commercial promotion purposes: discount promotion, discount promotion and new product launch.

Large hotel:

cylindrical LED flexible screen. It can play the effect of decorating the hotel. In terms of function, it can be used as an advertising display, LED oversized clock screen, LED interest rate screen and other applications. The hotel can also promote its own characteristic products and services to attract more customers; the world clock can be placed on the LED cylindrical screen, which displays the global currency exchange rate in an all-round, accurate, and comprehensive manner so that international friends can check currency exchange information on the same day.

A variety of shapes of LED display

Entertainment venues:

Entertainment venues pay more attention to the coordination of sound, light and shadow effects. LED flexible screens can be made into LED bar screens, wave-shaped LED screens, fan-shaped LED screens, stream-shaped LED floor tiles and other products according to their shapes. While making full use of the venue, it combines sound, light, and shadow to show a more tremor effect.

The flavor of the LED flexible screen by the industry market is not only a major benefit to the manufacture of a new generation of high-end smartphones, but also because of its low power consumption and flexibility, which will have a profound impact on the application of wearable devices. In the future, flexible screens will follow With the continuous penetration of personal smart terminals, it is widely used.

What are the advantages of LED flexible screens?

LED flexible screen, generally called LED soft screen, Jingrui Creative Display flexible LED display and immersive LED screen create immersive experience halls, mainly used in hotel advertising, stage leasing, commercial complexes, stadiums, various exhibition halls and Exhibition halls and other fields, especially various irregular buildings and structures.

1. Conveniently connect with computer interface, supports rich software, and can play various types of content such as text, picture, video, etc.;

2. The screen area can be large or small, as small as less than one square meter, and as large as hundreds or thousands of square meters, to meet the needs of use;

3. Long life span: LED life span is more than 100,000 hours (ten years), and it is durable;

4. Large viewing angle: The indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, and the outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The viewing angle is very wide, which is convenient for the viewer to view from multiple angles;

5. Strong adaptability: it can be installed in horizontal and vertical bending deformation, and even in a complicated installation environment, it can present a perfect picture;

6. Simple maintenance: using the original LED embedded bar structure, only need to screw 3 nuts to replace a single light bar;

7. High protection level: the protection level can reach IP65, not afraid of heavy rains and thunderstorms, and can be used in outdoor environments with confidence;

The LED flexible screen has the advantages of strong flexibility, elastic bending, energy saving and environmental protection. It is suitable for use in small places and places with complex installation environments and brings users a comfortable service experience.

How much do you know about the advantages of LED flexible screens?

With the rapid development of technology, LED flexible screens are widely used in smart products. They have low energy consumption and bendable characteristics and are deeply loved by consumers. With market enthusiasm, flexible screens will be updated with smart products in the future. And penetrate into people’s lives.

Advantages of flexible screens:

1. The application scenarios of flexible screens are much more than traditional screens. All scenarios that need to be bent will have applications, such as: a large screen directly attached to the wrist, and the new surface of the LV bag can be designed with a flexible screen. Switch screens for different styles, and various curved surfaces can also have screens in the future;

2. Most of the flexible screens are made of OLED, so its feature of no backlight derives an application, which is displayed on various transparent glass so that both the display and the visibility can be guaranteed.

In the future, this field means that the development of science and technology has entered the next stage, and it is also an important means to realize the interconnection of everything, augmented reality and virtual reality interaction. Flexible screens also bring unprecedented innovative applications to other fields, such as smart electronics, biomedicine, and automotive industry design.

Flexible screens break the limitations of physical surfaces in the past and expand the application scenarios of display screens. Flexible screens can display images, videos, and interactive interfaces, which can be applied in many other fields.

The LED flexible screen is an upgraded and innovative design based on the conventional transparent screen. The redundant part is removed, making the LED display body more transparent, thinner, and flexible; the LED flexible transparent screen makes it easier to make a transparent screen with a curvature. , Such as common curved, circular, and even irregularly shaped screens, they can all match well.

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