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Are p3.91 rental LED display suitable for outdoor display advertising?

P3.91 rental LED display is a screen that uses photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology, designed for various indoor and outdoor use environments, and displays various information elements. Control technology for displaying text, text, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes, and various multimedia information, as well as television and video signals.

It is a display screen composed of an array of LED devices, which has the advantages of high definition, bright colors, large viewing angle, stable operation, long life and low power consumption. Due to the unit’s modular structure, the size of the screen body can be flexibly assembled according to user requirements, and it can be used in various LED display systems in various industries according to customer needs. Therefore, it has advantages that other LED displays cannot match. We focus on come and see.

P3.91 outdoor rental LED display
P3.91 outdoor rental LED display

The advantages of P3.91 rental LED display:

Today, when we walk on city streets, we can see video content such as media advertising news broadcast on LED displays and LED subtitle machines everywhere. P3.91 rental advertising LED display is becoming a new force in the advertising media industry as a new media promotion method.

Advertising media companies have gradually understood and recognized the new advertising method of P3.91 rental LED display, which can complete the cross-media and multi-format communication of news information products and provide readers in the digital age with a more diverse information experience.

In the case of the coexistence of advertising media business and the advantages of LED display itself, LED display media advertising has become more and more important in the advertising media industry. The P3.91 rental advertising LED display has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, bright main body, novel design, vivid image, simple and bright, and can complete the simultaneous playback of pictures, texts, audio and video.

P3.91 outdoor rental LED display
P3.91 outdoor rental LED display

The advertising image is prominent, easy to attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember. In addition, most of the LED display advertisements inadvertently provide visual stimulation to the audience; and the advertising period of P3.91 rental advertising LED display is longer, which has a cumulative effect on regional performance.

What are the features of P3.91 rental LED display:

(1). “High stability”: Double backup and half-folding mode are adopted to reduce the unusability of the entire screen due to the problem of a small number of accessories.

(2). “High flatness”: The use of large-sized unit boards reduces the assembly gap of the entire screen, improves the flatness of the product, and effectively uses the receiving system to reduce product costs without losing high refresh rates.

(3). “Light and thin coexist”: All aluminum cabinets are die-casted, each standard cabinet weighs only 10-15kg and has a thickness of only 75mm. Even a girl with little strength can easily lift it up; let the display The installation, disassembly and handling of the screen are more convenient and fast, and it also greatly saves storage space for customers, saves the cost of airboxes and subsequent storage and handling costs;

(4). “Easy installation and disassembly”: professional hoisting and assembling structure design, reduce the trouble of user screen assembly and disassembly, shorten time, and improve work efficiency;

(5). “High brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, high stability”: the use of high-quality raw materials, combined with our company\’s superior R&D technology and production process, makes the display screen perform better and more stable;

(6). “Concise, beautiful and generous”: By optimizing the structural design of the cabinet, it presents customers with a simple and high-end product image that complements the exquisitely arranged stage.

(7) “Easy to operate”: Through the humanized power supply and signal indicator, it is convenient to monitor the operation status of the screen in real time, and quickly adjust the fault in time. The signal-receiving method can be controlled and operated by 4G, wireless and other methods, which is very simple and convenient.

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