Beijing Winter Olympics giant screen control system supplier Nova Nebula resumes listing review

Recently, Xi’an Nova Nebula Technology Co., Ltd., which was forced to suspend its IPO due to an investigation by King & Wood Mallesons, recently resumed its listing review.

According to the company’s public information, Nova Nebula was established in April 2008. It is a global professional LED display solution service provider. Its business focuses on the Nova cloud service platform based on the Internet and big data, point-by-point calibration software and LED display control.

In the fields of software and hardware solutions and video solutions, the company is committed to promoting the progress of the LED display industry, providing users with safe, efficient and independent display cloud service solutions. Nova Nebula focuses on the research and application of video and display control core algorithms.

The main products include LED display control system, video processing system and cloud-based information release and management system. The direct downstream is mainly LED Display manufacturer.

LED display is a kind of flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels, and is used to display various information such as text, image, video and so on. LED electronic display integrates microelectronic technology, computer technology and information processing.

It has the advantages of bright colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable operation, etc. It is widely used in commercial media, cultural performance market, sports venues, Information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc., can meet the needs of different environments.

According to the Wisdom Bud patent database, Nova Nebula and its affiliates currently have more than 1,400 published patent applications. Nearly 50% of them are valid patents, and 37.53% of the patents are under review; more than 70% of all patents are invention patents, and the company’s patent layout mainly focuses on display screens, display control cards, video processing, electrical connections and programming logic and other fields.

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