What are the main features of LED transparent screen?

The stage of transparent LED display

We all know that LED transparent screen have many features that other LED displays do not have. But few people can say its advantages comprehensively. Let’s find out next. Transparent display technology The effect is the biggest feature of the Indoor Rental LED Display that distinguishes it from other types of LED displays, thanks to […]

How does the P2 high-definition small-pitch LED display work?

With the continuous development and improvement of LED technology, indoor LED displays, especially P2 high-definition small-pitch LED displays, are suitable for their seamless splicing, low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate, ultra-high definition, low energy consumption, and long life. Market demand and characteristics of energy-saving economic development advantages. P2 high-definition small-pitch LED display has […]

how to choose a good LED display?

There are many specifications and models of LED display screens, such as P2, P2.5, P3, etc. in the room. The numbers represent the distance between the light-emitting points (lights) on the display screen, and the unit is mm. For example, P2 means The distance between the adjacent two groups of lamps is 2mm; P2.5 means […]

Introduction and characteristic analysis of 5 types of LED display cabinets

All LED displays are made of LED display cabinets, but some cabinets are more peculiar, such as transparent LED displays or special-shaped (irregularly shaped) LED displays. This is mainly because the general screen area is as small as a dozen square meters, and as large as hundreds of square meters. It is too large to […]

What are the classifications of transparent LED displays?

Many people don’t know that, in fact, transparent LED displays, like other LED displays, can also be subdivided into many types. Next, let’s take a look at the common classifications of transparent LED displays. Classification of Transparent LED Displays 1. The transparent screen with a hard light bar has a permeability of about 60-80%. This […]

P2 LED soft module parameters and characteristics

P2 led soft screen is the most widely used LED soft screen at present, mainly used to make indoor cylindrical screen, curved screen and wave screen. The P2.5 led soft screen has a point density of 160,000 points/㎡, and is made of SMD 2121 copper wire lamp beads, flexible PCB boards and flexible bottom shells, […]

How to classify and name the LED display? One article understands!

I believe we are not particularly unfamiliar with LED displays. We have seen a lot of them in our daily life. So do you know what types of LED displays belong to, and where do these strange names come from? Let us find out together.At present, the classification methods of LED display screens mainly include […]

What convenience does LED light pole screen bring to the city?

LED light pole screen is installed on the street light pole display, suitable for highway, street light pole installation on both sides of the street use, LED light pole screen, mainly to replace the market light pole light box door, and the current market light box advertising, double-sided discharge advertising, up to two discharge. And […]