What are the functions of full-color LED display in the sales department?

Real estate can be said to be a hot industry in recent years. With the continuous rise of housing prices, major real estate developers have also embarked on a high-end promotion route. The joining of high-tech has also become an increasingly popular marketing method for many sales offices. The full-color LED display with higher brightness, […]

Stage Rental Series LED Display Use Scenario

The world of events and entertainment has been revolutionized by the use of LED displays. LED displays have become a popular choice for stage rentals due to their high-quality resolution, flexibility, and visual impact. LED display technology has opened up new possibilities for creating visually stunning displays that enhance the audience\’s experience. In this article, […]

LED fine pitch display VS ordinary LED display

Many people may often hear others mention: 3D stereo LED displays, LED fine-pitch displays, or LED floor tile screens, but they cannot distinguish the difference between them. Take the most common small-pitch LED display as an example, How is it different from ordinary LED displays? Let’s learn together. What is LED fine pitch display? LED […]

What are the advantages of LED rental display?

In recent years, LED display products have been rapidly popularized and applied. Under the situation that the domestic macroeconomic growth rate has slowed down, the LED display industry has maintained sustained and rapid growth. Among them, the LED rental display under the LED display category is designed as a customized die-cast aluminum box. The box […]

LCD display VS LED display

LCD display VS LED display are both common display products in daily life. Many people see that the two look alike, so they are often confused. So do you know the difference between the two? Let\’s learn together. One of the main differences between LEDs and LCDs is that LEDs use PN junction diodes that […]

Smart city light pole screen makes the city more intelligent and convenient

The smart city light pole screen is a newly created branch, the main outdoor led display field, especially the recent fame of intelligent street lights, 5G integrated poles, etc., is a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the light pole screen two-way preferred cooperation object, the combination between the two can not only play a better functional […]

Are p3.91 rental LED display suitable for outdoor display advertising?

P3.91 rental LED display is a screen that uses photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology, designed for various indoor and outdoor use environments, and displays various information elements. Control technology for displaying text, text, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes, and various multimedia information, as well as […]

Why do monitoring rooms mainly use HD small-pitch displays?

According to the research data of Luotu Technology, the scale of display equipment in China\’s overall security market in 2021 will be 21.4 billion yuan, of which the market scale of monitoring and visualization large-screen equipment (LCD splicing screen, HD small-pitch displays) is the largest, accounting for 69%. Among them, the high-definition LED small-pitch display […]

Advantages and Features of Rental LED Displays

Due to the lightweight structure of the rental LED display, it is often used in shopping malls, fashion conferences, large-scale singing and dancing parties, wedding venues, film and television studios, digital stages and other places. This is inseparable from its own advantages and characteristics. Advantages of renting LED display Because the LED rental screen needs […]

COB technology development of major LED display companies

COB technology is considered to be the next generation of LED display packaging technology, and it has made a qualitative leap in terms of performance and pitch. Although COB technology has strong technical advantages, due to cost issues, COB products are currently only oriented to the mid-to-high-end commercial display market and have not reached a […]