The principle and composition of interactive floor tile screen

First, The system principle of interactive floor tile screen The operating principle of the led interactive floor tile screen system is to capture the movement of the foot by capturing the impact of the led floor tile screen on the target, and then analyze and analyze the system by the impression concept stock to generate […]

What’s special about JYLED’s rental display

For the LED display, it is impossible to use only one or two days or one or two months in terms of service life. However, the LED display screen has more and more problems with the prolongation of use time. Due to the long-term use, the brightness and chromaticity are not as good as before, […]

Distinctive spherical LED screen, giving you a new vision

As a new type of media tool – LED display, the current technology is very mature. It can completely replace the traditional advertising media tools and has the display effect and visual experience that they can’t match. It is under this condition that the LED spherical display came into being. The LED spherical display is […]

What are the steps to install the LED rental screen?

  With the gradual popularization of led rental screens, more and more people are familiar with and understand led rental screens, but for many people, how to install led rental screens is a headache. Let’s take a look at this, what needs to be done to install LED rental?   Steps to Install Rental LED Display   1. […]

The difference between JYLED transparent screen and other LED transparent screens

It has become the first choice of many companies to use JYLED transparent screens as advertising displays or brand promotion. Many colleagues are very curious, as to why the JYLED transparent display will be spread by word of mouth among many customers and stand out in the huge LED display. This is actually inseparable from […]

Is there any difference between rental display and ordinary LED display?

The rental display we often say refers to a display that can move the moving screen. And the ordinary LED display, we usually refer to the fixed installation display. Therefore, the main difference between a rental display is that it needs to be moved frequently, dismantled and installed repeatedly, so the requirements for the product […]

Sports LED display omnidirectional help football matches

On November 21, 2022, the World Cup, known as the most “trench” in history, officially kicked off in Qatar! As a high-profile sports event that is as famous as the Olympic Games in the world, the World Cup in Qatar has attracted the attention of fans all over the world at the end of this […]

Why can JYLED become the leader in the LED industry?

Since late October 2021, the search popularity of Micro LED has been on the rise, and they have made headlines on major technology pages. As a core member of the Micro LED concept, JYLED has attracted more and more people’s attention. JYLED is the leader in the global LED display application industry. From 2016 to […]

transparent led screen VS SMD package regular screen

In recent years, with the continuous development of the market economy, there are many tall buildings in the city, and transparent LED screens have been widely used in urban glass curtain walls and architectural beautification. If customers are familiar with LED displays but not familiar with transparent LED displays, they often have questions. What is […]

Is LED or OLED better?

I often hear people talking about LED and OLED, two acronyms that differ only by one letter. Is LED or OLED better? To answer this question in one word: yes. It turns out that an extra letter “O” makes a big difference, but doesn\’t mean OLED is better than LED in any way. This article […]