Top 10 foreign LED chip manufacturers

In the last issue, we have introduced the “Top 10 China chip manufacturers (including Taiwan chip manufacturers)“, and then let’s talk about what LED chip manufacturers are abroad. LED chip market environment is saturated The LED Research Institute (GGII) of the High-tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII) compiled the “2016 China LED Chip Industry Research Report […]

LED chip manufacturers ranked in China

What are the most famous LED chip manufacturers ranked in China and Taiwan? sure! We’re gonna find out for you!LED lighting is an upstream industry in the 21st century. The development of LED material technology has directly driven the changes in the lighting market. LED chips and LED packaging technology have become the dominant technologies […]

How to do a 3D led screen?

p5 outdoor 208sqm in Serbia

In recent years, the demand for outdoor advertising has continued to increase, and the technology of outdoor LED large screens has continued to mature.In particular, the frequent appearance of 3D LED screen. Outdoor 3D LED Large Screen Display They have become the mainstream of today’s media and advertising. High-quality advertising image, rich colors and dynamic […]

Fine pitch LED display VS mini LED display VS micro LED display

2020 will be the first year of micro LED display. It is said that the factory invested by Apple will also provide micro LED displays for Apple Watch in 2023: the latter will have major advantages such as high brightness, low reflection, energy saving, high resolution, high contrast, almost no screen burn-in and long life. […]

COB small-pitch display VS traditional LED display

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introduction:This article focuses on the content of COB small-pitch LED display. If you want to know more about “LED packaging technology“, you can check the comparison of LED packaging technology written in the previous article: LED display packaging technology:HD small-pitch LED display VS ordinary LED display – JYLED ( After several years of rapid development, […]

LED packaging technology: HD small-pitch LED display VS ordinary LED display

Do you know the difference between the LED display packaging of high-definition LED small-pitch display and ordinary LED display? At present, LED display has become an indispensable piece of equipment in many industries, and has formed a complete industrial chain including upstream chips, midstream packaging, Downstream applications, etc., it can be said that packaging is […]

Top Ten LED Display Brand Ranking List

Top 10 LED display companies

The “Top Ten LED Display Brand Ranking List” is obtained from the well-known brand network in mainland China. There is no manual interference in the list here, and all data statistics are automatically produced by the computing system, which will provide you with the most professional information so that you can understand the top ten […]

Top 10 LED display companies (latest list)

Top 10 LED display companies

What are the top 10 LED display companies? With the vigorous development of our technology and the promotion of smart homes, LED displays have been widely used in life in recent years, such as in gymnasiums, shopping malls, stations, hotels, etc., from indoor to outdoor, it can be seen . The current LED display is […]

LED cylindrical screen, wave screen streamer screen and other special-shaped screens are composed of flexible soft modules to form creative LED display screens

LED creative display shows individual culture, achieves urban landscape, and wins unlimited business opportunities. At the same time, it also adds to the city’s prosperity, enhances the city’s image and influence, shapes the city’s visual culture, and enhances the city’s comprehensive competitiveness. LED flexible screen, generally known as LED soft screen, jyled flexible LED display […]

What aspects should we pay attention to when buying LED displays?

Precautions for buying led display LED display screens have been used a lot in recent years. jyled has helped many customers to install indoor or outdoor LED displays. The rich and diverse colors of the LED display can present a more delicate picture texture, so it is widely used in media advertising and large-scale conferences. […]