P2.5 LED full color display distance how many meters to watch appropriate?

A lot of novices will mention P2.5 LED full-color display suitable for how far the viewing distance, in fact, P2.5 LED full color display visual distance is not a standard, and some external factors will also affect the visual situation, such as air quality, weather and many other factors. Although there is no fixed standard […]

What are the five major functions of the LED traffic guidance screen?

The LED traffic guidance screen has the advantage of guiding drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions and is suitable for urban roads and dense sections of the road network of main highways. It is generally made of LED light-emitting diodes and is composed of a screen body, a driving system, a control […]

How does the smart LED light pole screen create a smart city?

Today, when 5G is fully popularized, as a major revolutionary point in the field of mobile communications, micro base stations are the key infrastructure in the current wave of new infrastructure construction, and they are also responsible for the digital and intelligent transformation of all walks of life. The strong demand for 5G for micro […]

Interactive LED tile screen VS ordinary LED display

Interactive LED display screens are currently widely used in video game cities, large shopping malls and other places, but when it comes to its working principle, many sellers who have been engaged in LED display screens for many years must not know. So, what is the principle of interactive LED display screens? What is the […]

How about this product of P2.5 indoor full-color LED display?

The P2.5 indoor full-color LED display is the most widely used model in the LED screen series. This is because it adopts a relatively common size of 320mm×160mm, which can be adapted to most scenes. Moreover, the dot pitch is also in a relatively balanced state in the indoor application environment. Next, let us have […]

What is the difference between LED and LCD?

LED and LCD are the two most commonly seen words on display devices. Although they look similar, they are actually two different display technologies. Next we will compare from the following perspectives. The LED display uses LED (light-emitting diode) as the backlight, with high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, high definition and other advantages, […]

Advantages and disadvantages of COB packaging LED display

In recent years, the LED display market is growing, mainly reflected in the continuous improvement of its display technology, visual experience effect is getting better and better, in some indoor displays occasions even replaced the LCD splicing screen, all these can not be separated from the COB packaging LED display process. Currently, there are two […]

LED light pole screen helps the development of outdoor digital advertising market

In recent years, the outdoor commercial display market has also undergone innovation with the development of the Internet of Things and information technology, and the outdoor digital advertising market has also ushered in great changes. It is no longer traditional outdoor digital signage, and the content and form of display tend to be diversified. Among […]

Why is LED transparent display more and more widely used?

Fixed Outdoor Display Screen is derived from the LED display. After its birth, it has always shown strong vitality and has opened up its own world in the highly competitive LED display application market. From the original shopping mall window to the bar entertainment at the back to the large-scale dance performances and other scenes, […]

What is the principle of interactive LED floor tile screen?

I believe that many customers are very curious about how the interactive LED floor tile screen realizes interaction. In fact, the principle is not very complicated. Let’s discuss it together. Principle of led interactive floor tile screen The interactive floor tile screen is based on the LED floor tile screen to increase the function of […]