Why naked eye 3D display in a few years ago in obscurity?

With the application of LED display scenes richer and richer, the audience to its requirements are also gradually improved, people’s sensory experience is no longer satisfied with the ordinary flat two-dimensional display, but are eager to have more to the real world of three-dimensional view, therefore, with the sense of immersive naked eye 3D display […]

How is the interactive LED floor tile screen so fire?

LED floor tile screens are mainly used in stages, concerts, performances, bars, discos, shopping malls and other fields. With the increasingly prominent homogeneity of LED display products, the emergence of interactive floor tile screens provides a more innovative performance for creative design. The expression method provides reference ideas for innovative LED applications: Because the video […]

Unveiling the Latest Price of P3.91 LED Display in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

No matter how the technology is upgraded, the price of the P3.91 LED display has been a concern for many potential buyers. One of the most popular display solutions is the P3.91 LED screen. This display solution offers high-quality images and videos, making it perfect for use in various applications such as advertising, sports events, […]

A comprehensive understanding of the small-pitch P1.25 full-color LED display

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of indoor meetings and telecommuting, the demand for P1.25 full-color LED displays is increasing. People’s requirements for small-pitch LED displays are getting higher and higher, and the pitches are getting smaller and smaller. P1.25 small-pitch LED display is a product developed to meet market demand. It is not […]

What about the future development of mini LED?

Mini LED, as a new generation of display technology, has the trend of replacing OLED as the “key to the future” in the display field. But in fact, due to the early layout of OLED technology, OLED has also been the mainstream of the high-end display market. Take the terminal products as an example, as […]

What is a smart light pole LED display?

As an important part of smart city construction, smart light poles can achieve the following construction value goals. Benefiting the people and benefiting the people, efficient and convenientSmart light poles can be equipped with functional modules such as WiFi modules, voice broadcasts, LED displays, security modules, one-key alarms, etc., which can not only provide citizens […]

What are the advantages of smart city light pole screen?

In recent years, with the rise of meta-universe, artificial intelligence, and other concepts, the traditional light pole screen has also transformed into a smart city light pole screen. They are used in many application scenarios including smart parks and smart transportation. This is why? What are the differences between its advantages and the ordinary LED […]

How many types of LED screens are there?

There have been many types of LED screens, and their main purpose is to adapt to different usage scenarios. For example, the small-pitch display screens we often hear are mainly used in some monitoring rooms, conference rooms, etc. The target is some high-end LCD monitors, so it has occupied some of the high-end monitor market. […]

The difference between LCD liquid crystal display and LED transparent display

Compared with LCD displays, LED transparent displays have more advantages in terms of brightness, power consumption, viewing angle, and refresh rate. Using LED technology, it is possible to make displays that are thinner, brighter, and sharper than LCDs. After understanding the difference between the two, we can find that the LED transparent screen is significantly […]

What is LED digital display?

Many people should not be unfamiliar with LED digital display, which are relatively common in our daily life, but not everyone knows what LED digital displays are? Let’s take a look at them together. LED digital display: A flat-panel display consisting of small LED module panels. LED, light emitting diode (light emitting diode abbreviation). It […]