LED electronic display production process and species

Nowadays, LED electronic displays in daily life can be seen almost everywhere. Whether it is a light pole screen on the road or a rental LED display for stage performances, how are these ubiquitous LED electronic displays made? Now let’s find out. LED electronic display production process: a) Cleaning: Use ultrasonic to clean the PCB […]

What are the precautions when using the LED display?

In recent years, the development of LED displays at home and abroad has been getting better and better, and the service and after-sales have also been improved unprecedentedly. Good LED display products such as: LED film screens, LED glass screens, and LED transparent screens have gradually become Mainstream products, and have been widely used in […]

What is LED light pole screen

As the name suggests, the LED light pole screen is a kind of LED display that acts on the street light pole. It uses the smart street light pole as the carrier to publish daily documents and pictures, and uses the Internet of Things technology to make the outdoor commercial display market more intelligent. LED […]

How to choose an LED display that suits you?

LED display is an advertising display product with high brightness, low power consumption, long lifetime, impact resistance, stable performance and low maintenance cost. after several years of rapid development, it has developed into a mature industry. More and more used widely, more and more favored by the majority of customers. But as an LED display […]