COB small-pitch display VS traditional LED display

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The biggest difference between the COB small-pitch display and the traditional LED display is that the COB small-pitch display breaks through the 1mm limitation of the traditional LED display, so a more detailed display effect can be made.

The small-pitch LED display in its subdivision industry has quietly emerged since 2013, opening up a new blue ocean. The current era is an era of the interconnection of all things, and the display screen is not only “one-way communication”, but gradually develops in the direction of “intelligent interaction”.

In the future, it is predicted that the small-pitch LED display will become the interaction center between people and data, bringing users a scene-based and immersive experience. At the same time, with the product innovation and cost reduction brought about by the continuous iteration of technology, small-pitch LED Display screens can be widely used in all walks of life, such as cinemas, shopping malls, conference rooms, etc. In short, there is still a lot of room for the development of small-pitch LED displays in the future.

p2.5 indoor fixed LED screen

Compared with traditional LED displays, small-pitch LED displays are very popular in the market because of their high brightness, seamlessness, delicate picture quality, lightness and flexibility. However, there are also bottlenecks in the development of small-pitch LED displays, and the issue of protection performance is particularly worthy of our attention. In response to the packaging problem of the display screen, the COB series of small-pitch products launched by the R&D team successfully broke through this technical problem.

So, what is COB?

COB package is an integrated package of LED display modules. The surface of the module is LED lamp beads, that is, pixel points, and the bottom is IC driver components. These COB display modules can be spliced ​​into LED displays of different sizes. COB packages are better than traditional SMD packages in terms of display performance and stability.

COB does not have the diameter of a single lamp body and is smaller than the chip size of traditional SMD packages. Therefore, it is possible to encapsulate small-pitch LED displays with smaller pitches, and the pitch of products with a pitch of less than 1.0mm can be achieved, while the traditional SMD package can only achieve 1.25mm. If it is made smaller, it is either prone to cracks or Problems such as screen tearing and screen synchronization are prone to occur.

Technically, compared with SMD, COB does not have the structural elements of the bracket, so it can reduce a certain cost and simplify the manufacturing process, reduce the thermal resistance of the chip, and realize high-density packaging. In addition, COB is directly embedded on the PCB board, so it will not be soldered on the PCB board like traditional SMD, and the lamp beads are easily knocked off, resulting in a high rate of false soldering and dead lamps. COB reduces the welding cost, the lamp beads are not easily knocked off, and the dead lamp rate and the false welding rate are also lower.

indoor LED display on the  wall

COB small-pitch LED display can choose PCB boards with different thicknesses according to customer needs, and the thickness is 0.4-1.2mm. It is lighter in weight and thinner than traditional SMD package modules, which can reduce installation structure, transportation and engineering costs, and is suitable for many ultra-thin LED display applications or wall-mounted displays.

Since COB encapsulates the lamp beads on the PCB board, the heat of the lamp wick can be quickly dissipated through the copper foil on the PCB board, and the copper foil thickness of the PCB board has strict process requirements, and the immersion gold process can be significantly reduced. Light attenuation can extend the service life of the LED display to a certain extent, and its dead light rate is also greatly reduced.

Although there is no mask on the surface of the module, there is cloth or water to clean the dust on the surface, and the triple protection technology treatment makes the COB small-pitch LED display waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static It can be used in the environment of 30 degrees above zero to 80 degrees above zero, and it can meet all-weather working conditions.

JYLED is a brand that focuses on the R&D and production of system integration equipment for LED displays. It has an independent R&D center and production factory. JYLED controls the whole process of product development, design, production and sales in a meticulous manner. Hundreds of engineers have devoted their efforts to its birth.

In addition, JYLED does not stop at the current achievements, it always pays attention to the latest development of the audio and video industry, keeps up with the trend of technology and even leads the development of the sector. For small-pitch LED displays, JYLED focuses on technology research and development, makes unremitting efforts to innovate, strives to solve the problems existing in the current display, brings a better user experience to customers, and leads the development of the LED display industry.

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