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The light pole LED screen with remote mass control:3G/4G control without distance limit,massive LED display control synchronously system;

Interactive:Our JYLED is dedicated to realize interactive functions between LED display advertising and customers.

Peripheral LED displays are supporting displays related to sports venues. They have various names according to different usage locations, such as ceiling-mounted 4-sided high-definition full-color LED displays for simultaneous live broadcast display, LED Screen Bucket Shape,Center For Hanging Outdoor LED Display and surround under the stadium seats. Fence LED display, etc.

Stadium perimeter LED Display has brought visual shock to the audience with its high-definition image and video display capabilities.

Whether it is the real-time broadcast of the game screen, wonderful replays, exciting animation effects or rich advertising content, they can all be presented to the audience in a vivid and vivid way. Compared with the simple fixed advertisements in the past, this variable content display brings the audience a richer and more varied viewing experience

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What is a creative LED display

Creative LED display is a special type of LED display, which not only has the functions of traditional LED display, but also incorporates creative design elements. Creative LED displays usually use deformable LED modules to present a variety of unique patterns, text and animation effects through different shapes, sizes, colors and arrangements. It can be used in indoor and outdoor advertisements, exhibitions, performances, art installations and other scenes, which can attract people’s attention and create a unique visual experience. The flexibility and personalization of the creative LED display make it have broad application prospects in marketing and creative expression.

Where is the creative LED display applied?

Creative LED display can be applied in many different places and fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Billboards and commercial advertisements: Creative LED displays can be used in outdoor billboards, shopping malls, store fronts and other places to attract customers’ attention and convey product or brand information.
  2. Indoor exhibitions and museums: Creative LED displays can be used in exhibitions and museums to help tell stories, display artworks, introduce history, etc., and enhance the audience’s sense of participation and experience.
  3. Performing arts and stage performances: Creative LED display screens can be used as stage backgrounds or special effects devices to display colorful visual effects, interact with actors or performers, and enhance the artistic expression of the stage.
  4. Urban landscape and architectural decoration: Creative LED displays can be used in landmark buildings, public squares and other places in the city to create a unique urban landscape and night light show effect.
  5. Stadiums and studios: Creative LED displays can be used to display game information in stadiums, as well as stage backgrounds and special effects in studios.
  6. Intelligent transportation and navigation: Creative LED displays can be used to display traffic information, navigation guidance, etc. at public transportation stations and roads, and provide real-time road conditions and navigation services.

In general, creative LED displays have a wide range of applications, and can attract people’s attention through unique decorative effects and visual expressiveness on various occasions, and enrich their experience and perception.

What benefits and advantages can creative LED display bring

Creative LED display brings the following benefits and advantages:

  1. Strong attraction: Creative LED display screens can create unique and attractive visual effects in design and display, which can attract a lot of attention and increase the exposure of brands or products.
  2. High degree of customization: Creative LED displays can be customized according to needs, including shape, size, color, arrangement, etc., and can realize a variety of creative designs to meet the requirements of different places and applications.
  3. Multi-functional display: the creative LED display can play images, texts, videos, animations and other content, and can flexibly switch the display content to meet the needs of different scenarios and purposes.
  4. High brightness and visibility: LED technology has high brightness and high visibility, and can clearly display images and information even under outdoor sunlight, increasing the advertising effect.
  5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Creative LED display adopts LED technology, which has lower energy consumption and longer life than traditional lighting and display equipment, reducing energy consumption and electronic waste generation.
  6. Remote control and management: Creative LED display can be remotely controlled and managed through the network, which can realize unified content release, update and monitoring, and improve operational efficiency and flexibility.
  7. Improve user experience: The unique effects and diversity of creative LED displays can provide impressive visual experience, increase audience participation, and enhance brand image and event effects.

In general, the benefits and advantages of creative LED display are that it can attract people’s attention, enhance brand influence, increase audience participation through unique design effects and flexible multi-functional display, and it has energy saving, environmental protection and remote management. and other advantages.

What types of products can creative LED displays have?

stage LED rental display

Creative LED display includes the following common products and types:

  1. Curved LED Display: This display uses deformable LED modules that can be bent into an arc or a circle, used for indoor or outdoor art installations, stage design, etc.
  2. Transparent LED display: Transparent LED display can not only display content through the screen, but also see through the scene behind to create an illusion effect. It is often used in retail store windows, shopping malls, exhibitions and other occasions.
  3. LED floor screen: This kind of LED display is embedded into the floor surface, which can present bright images and animations, and is often used in performing arts places such as stages and studios.
  4. LED Column and Cylindrical Screen: This kind of display adopts a circular or cylindrical design, which can display 360-degree content, and is used for billboards, exhibitions, landscape decorations and other occasions.
  5. Hanging LED display: This kind of display is installed in the air by hanging or hanging, which can create floating and fluttering effects, and is suitable for outdoor advertisements, venues, etc.
  6. LED dot matrix installations and art installations: creative LED display screens can be combined into various shapes and patterns in dot matrix for art installations, architectural decoration, interior decoration, etc.

Please note that the above listed are only some common types of creative LED displays, there are more innovative products and designs on the market. The development of creative LED displays is very rapid, and new forms and applications are constantly emerging.

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