Digital virtual human“Qi Xiao mo” appeared in Wuhan, naked eye 3D entered a new era

When it comes to naked eye 3D, many people are not unfamiliar with the famous outdoor naked eye 3D projects represented by Taikoo Li in Chengdu and Jiefangbei in Chongqing, which have now become a hot topic on social platforms. On the other hand, virtual digital people, driven by virtual anchors, virtual hosts and virtual singers, have also landed and blossomed in several industries. And when these two avant-garde technologies collide, what kind of changes can be brought to the industry?

During the National Day, the LED light display industry’s first naked eye 3D LED Display digital virtual human image – the girl “Qi Xiao mo” in central China’s largest size of 999 square meters of naked eye 3D screen “three towns of the eye” to meet with the general public, become a lot of people to card the net red attractions.

祁小蓦(transliteration:Qi xiao mo)
祁小蓦(transliteration:Qi xiao mo)

In fact, the number of naked 3D screens completed in recent years around the project is very large, in the large screen of creative digital content, there is no shortage of cats, astronauts and other images, but, like “Qi Xiao mo”, a name, and given a unique character personality role, in the naked 3D screen “head”, when really This is the first time.

According to the project manager, the character of “Qi Xiao mo” is a young girl who grows up by the river, with a straightforward personality, loves to fight for justice, and rides a motorcycle around the river city all day long. She is the big sister in many people’s hearts, but in private she is full of love, raising the little orange cat she found into a big fat orange of 22 pounds.

The use of naked eye 3D technology, so that the existence of virtual people in the digital world more realistic. Many people who have visited the project said that the screen is vivid and vivid, and every time she waves to the crowd, people can’t help but want to wave and interact with it. In a way, the naked eye 3D screen, is the existence of imaginary characters and scenes into reality of the black magic.

What’s more, the animals and characters that previously existed in the creative content were mostly nameless and nameless “group actors”, or “props”. Xiaoqian, on the other hand, is a sustainable IP, and her recognition will continue to grow after various promotions in the future. After deeper development and transformation, a large number of derivative products related to this IP will be listed, and even lead to new business models, so that the virtual digital content is really connected to commercialization.

Qi xiao mo is interacting with the audience below
Qi xiao mo is interacting with the audience below

And behind this logic, it is actually a process of exploring the meta-universe interface and mining the value of digital economy. At the same time, from the perspective of the large-screen display industry, it is precisely an opportunity for LED display companies to explore business diversification and industry chain extension.

In fact, LED light display industry practitioners have long been aware of a trend, that is, LED screen enterprises for their own positioning, has long been far from the role of a simple hardware manufacturer, and turn to the level of soft services upgrade. This is both the inevitable result of the industry’s development to a relatively mature stage of technology, but also by the country in the manufacturing sector to explore the structural transformation and upgrading of the internal force of the drive.

From output products, to output solutions, and then to output content, is exactly the road that LED display manufacturers, represented by JYLED, are taking. As in the above case, in addition to the naked 3D screen hardware needs to be provided by LED display manufacturers, the screen plays the entire creative digital content, also need to use Adobe Premiere Pro team division of labor to cooperate.

When the market competition is becoming more and more adequate, the product price is becoming more and more transparent, the profit margin of the product will undoubtedly become more and more limited. So, in the continued increase in independent research and development efforts to build a competitive barrier to technological leadership, LED display suppliers in the business system end also opened a new exploration.

Of course, if LED display manufacturers can not only provide hardware, but also provide content and services, undoubtedly more advantageous in the competition. Especially in the context of the meta-universe, the creation of naked eye 3D content for professionalism requirements are increasingly high, users themselves difficult to complete the background, this packaged service, not only convenient for users, but also to ensure a reasonable profit margin for display companies.

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