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Digital virtual human“Qi xiaomo” appeared in Wuhan, naked eye 3D entered a new era

When it comes to naked eye 3D, many people are not unfamiliar with the famous outdoor naked eye 3D projects represented by Taikoo Li in Chengdu and Jiefangbei in Chongqing, which have now become a hot topic on social platforms. On the other hand, virtual digital people, driven by virtual anchors, virtual hosts and virtual singers, have also landed and blossomed in several industries. And when these two avant-garde technologies collide, what kind of changes can be brought to the industry?

During National Day, the LED light display industry’s first naked eye 3D LED Display digital virtual human image – the girl “Qi Xiao mo” in central China’s largest size of 999 square meters of naked eye 3D screen “three towns of the eye” to meet with the public, become a lot of people to card the net red attractions.

Digital Virtual Human “Qi Xiaomo”
祁小蓦(transliteration:Qi xiao mo)

In recent years, many naked-eye 3D screens have been developed for various projects. While many displays feature creative digital content, such as cats and astronauts, “Qi Xiaomo” stands out as the first character to be given a unique name and personality role within a naked eye 3D screen.

According to the project manager, “Qi Xiaomo” is a young girl who grew up by the river and is known for her straightforward personality and love for justice. She spends her days riding a motorcycle around the river city and is often considered a big sister by those around her. In private, she is caring and affectionate, raising a 22-pound orange cat that she found by the river.

The use of naked-eye 3D technology has made virtual characters and scenes in digital worlds more realistic than ever before. Visitors to the display have described its vivid and lifelike qualities, with many feelings compelled to wave and interact with the character as she greets the crowd. In many ways, these naked eye 3D displays create a bridge between imaginary characters and scenes and the reality that we see.

What’s more, unlike the animals and nameless “group actors” that have populated creative content in the past, “Qi Xiaomo” represents a sustainable intellectual property that is poised for future growth. With deeper development and transformation, a range of derivative products related to this IP could be produced, creating new business models that blend virtual digital content with commercialization.

Digital Virtual Human Qi Xiaomo Is Interacting With The Audience Below
Digital Virtual Human Qi Xiaomo Is Interacting With The Audience Below

Behind this logic lies a process of exploring the meta-universe interface and unlocking the value of the digital economy. From the perspective of the large-screen display industry, this represents an opportunity for LED display companies to explore business diversification and expand their industry chains.

In fact, practitioners in the LED display industry have long recognized a trend: rather than simply functioning as hardware manufacturers, LED display enterprises have turned to offer soft services as a means of upgrading their role in the industry. This shift is both an inevitable result of the industry’s development to a relatively mature stage of technology and the drive for structural transformation and upgrading within the manufacturing sector as a whole.

The path that LED display manufacturers, such as JYLED, are taking involves moving from outputting products to outputting solutions, and then to outputting content. In the case of the naked 3D screen, this requires collaborative efforts between LED display manufacturers, who provide the hardware, and Adobe Premiere Pro teams, who create the digital content.

As market competition intensifies and product prices become increasingly transparent, the profit margin for LED display manufacturers will become more limited. To counteract this trend, LED display suppliers are placing greater emphasis on continued research and development to maintain a technological leadership position. Furthermore, they are increasingly exploring new business models, such as providing content and services, to maintain a competitive edge.

In the context of the meta-universe, the creation of naked eye 3D content requires high levels of professionalism that many users are unable to achieve on their own. By offering packaged services that provide hardware, content, and services, LED display manufacturers are able to offer greater convenience to users while ensuring a reasonable profit margin for themselves in this demanding industry.

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