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As a new type of media tool – LED display, the current technology is very mature. It can completely replace the traditional advertising media tools and has the display effect and visual experience that they can’t match. It is under this condition that the LED spherical display came into being.

The LED spherical display is an important milestone in the development of LED displays, and its design and construction are very difficult. First of all, the surface of the LED spherical display screen is curved, which is difficult to install; secondly, it is a closed LED ball that is difficult to maintain; the diameters of the top, middle and bottom of the ball are different, and the display effect is difficult to control.

All the R&D personnel of JYLED company worked hard day and night, and after several months of hard work, they finally succeeded in the research and development and obtained the national patent certificate. The LED spherical screen can be made into any common LED display model on the market, the diameter starts from one meter and can be customized according to the market and customer requirements.

The spherical full-color LED display is mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, spherical lighting projects and other places. The spherical full-color LED display can not only play video advertisements, and brand promotion but also Do decorative lighting. The installation methods are diversified, and different installation methods such as floor type, hoisting type, inlaid type, and embedded type are available to meet the installation needs of different customers.

The spherical full-color LED display allows the audience to watch a full 360° viewing angle, which is different from the conventional full-color LED display, and the details of the picture are easy to show. At the same time, the spherical full-color LED display can directly project spherical objects such as the earth and football onto the display. , giving people intuitive and perfect video enjoyment.

JYLED\’s spherical LED display features are as follows:

1. The spherical LED display can be used outdoors and indoors, with light transmittance, large pixel pitch, and a certain decorative effect. It is used in large-screen display occasions. An LED display application product;

2. After special treatment, the display unit can be assembled into various special-shaped screens such as the inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, inner circular display surface, S display surface, spherical shape, etc. Realized display effect;

3. In order to ensure sufficient brightness of the pixels of the outdoor reality project, the front of the pixels is sealed with silicone for waterproof treatment. The color of the silicone can be matched according to the project requirements and according to the color card so that it is perfectly coordinated with the color of the exterior wall of the building;

4. The pixel outlet is a silicone wire with excellent high and low temperatures, with professional waterproof connectors, and a professionally designed and carefully built fully sealed waterproof structure The protection level reaches IP67, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity environments, and the working environment range can reach -20 And +80 degrees Celsius, can work in rain;

5. The spherical LED display adopts a bar display unit, which has a strong visual impact and high safety factor;

6. The viewing angle of the spherical LED display is 360 degrees, and the video is played in all directions, and there is no viewing angle problem of the flat LED display;

7. Multiple pixels in series or parallel can realize full-color display and can play video clearly. The LED ball can be controlled to display full-color video synchronously or asynchronously. The spherical LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, which supports a variety of external signal connections. Enter, can realize live broadcast.

8. The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The spherical surface is completely completed by numerical control. The precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall curvature of the LED ball.

9. The diameter of the 10mm LED ball is 1M and the weight is only 75Kgs. It is specially designed for mobile stage surfaces and is a highlight of the rental industry.

10. The spherical LED display does not need to be installed, it can be used when the goods arrive, and no installation is required!

11. The spherical LED display has the advantages of being lightweight, having good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation performance, convenient front and rear maintenance, good waterproof performance, good shock resistance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, no fan mute and so on;

12. It can be like renting an LED display, with an all-aluminum structure design, lightweight and firm structure. The installation method of the LED ball can be designed for mobile, hoisting, and seat installation according to customer requirements;

13. According to customer requirements and the on-site environment, tailor-made suitable spherical LED display solutions;

How to maintain the quality of LED spherical display?

The impact of complex temperature on full-color LED displays Full-color LED displays are very picky about the ambient temperature. Theoretically, at room temperature of about 25 ℃, its working state is ideal. But in fact, the ambient temperature of the outdoor full-color LED display is quite complicated in the application. 

The maximum temperature in summer may be above 60°C, and the minimum temperature in winter may be below -20°C. The working efficiency and performance of LEDs and ICs are inconsistent, the brightness is inconsistent, and the overall display of the screen naturally changes.

Under different temperature conditions, the brightness attenuation and decline of red, green and blue lamps are different. At 25°C, the white balance is normal, but at 60°C, the brightness of the three colors of LEDs are all the same. It has decreased, and its attenuation value is inconsistent, so the phenomenon of brightness drop and color cast of the entire screen will occur, and the quality of the entire screen will decrease.

And what about IC? The operating temperature range of IC is -40℃-85℃. The temperature inside the box increases due to the high outside temperature. If the temperature inside the box exceeds 85°C, the IC will work unstable due to the high temperature, or the current between channels or the difference between chips will be too large due to different temperature drifts. lead to Huaping. 

JYLED is working hard to make a lot of improvements in design and process, which can effectively control the influence of external ambient temperature on the final effect of the display screen, so that the full-color LED display screen can be displayed perfectly under various complex conditions as much as possible.

The key factor in the design of the cabinet will increase, resulting in poor image quality. Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an essential indicator of cabinet design. The importance of power supply The power supply is also an important link that affects the quality of a full-color LED display system. Since the power supply has different working stability, output voltage value and load capacity under different temperature conditions, because it is responsible for logistical support, its support ability directly affects the quality of the screen.

Due to different performance and stability, the prices of power supply equipment of different brands and specifications also have considerable differences. You can’t just choose a low-cost product without looking at its performance and quality. A well-known brand can only be recognized by society after long-term market cultivation. 

Enterprises regard the brand as their life, and will never harm their own brand image for short-term benefits. However, JYLED is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and engineering. Naturally know the importance of a brand, therefore, choosing the JYLED brand is very helpful for quality assurance.

JYLED is determined to highlight the characteristics of product quality, high quality and service industry, and make sure that everything starts from the user\’s point of view, and does a good job in quality and service!

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