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ESports stadium LED screen Features

For the LED industry, e-sports will undoubtedly be a new market with unlimited potential. The complete control system is the biggest advantage of JYLED in the e-sports market.

Customers can use JYLED’s 2K controller and self-developed control software, trinity, flexible configuration, quick debugging and display standards, combined with AI, VR and 3D, timely The basis for meeting the needs of various game scenarios, bringing an immersive gaming experience.

Overwatch World Cup held at the Overwatch Arena BlizzCon 2016 Anaheim CA Nov 45 2016.0

ESports stadium LED screen Advantages

M4C supports high dynamic range display at 144Hz, and synchronizes precise video content, which can ensure the smoothness and stability of the game screen. No matter how fast the game scene transitions, there will be no stuttering and moiré phenomenon, ensuring that players can play in the game. 

You can enjoy a clear picture in every minute and second of the game, and have a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. 24bit color processing technology and high contrast performance can fully restore the color of the game scene, improve the picture quality, and perfectly display the game plot.

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ESports Stadium LED display
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With the gradual standardization of the e-sports industry in China, the e-sports industry has developed rapidly in recent years. With world-class e-sports competitions being held, industry reviews rising, and industry obstacles removed one by one, the e-sports market is gradually showing the tip of the iceberg.

As a necessary facility for e-sports venues, LED displays continue to gain new markets with the construction of e-sports venues. With the support of mini/micro LED display technology upgrades, e-sports peripherals have also become a small part of LED displays in the e-sports market. Sub-fields provide a new platform.

Venue construction is indispensable, policy and technology double blessing

E-sports has been subject to controversy since its emergence, but with the rejuvenation of social discourse power and the younger consumer groups, the public’s recognition of it has been continuously improved, the market restrictions on it have gradually disappeared, and the vitality of the e-sports market has gradually been activated.

In 2003, the State Sports General Administration officially approved and listed e-sports as the 99th official sports competition. E-sports no longer appeared as a game project but a sports competition. It is reported that e-sports has been approved as an official project to be selected for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. .

With the development and advancement of e-sports events, the demand for LED displays in e-sports live broadcasts and e-sports venues has gradually increased. Compared with regular competitions, e-sports events are extremely less intuitive, and audiences must rely on large-screen playback to watch the game normally. Therefore, large-scale high-definition displays have become an essential element in the construction of e-sports arenas. The state has formulated normative documents to regulate the development of the e-sports venue industry.

In 2017, my country’s “E-sports venues construction standards” were issued, which divided e-sports venues into four levels: A, B, C, and D, and made clear the location, functional division, and software and hardware systems of e-sports venues. Regulation. It is clearly required that e-sports venues above C-level must be equipped with LED displays.

The display screen for watching the game “should be set with at least one main screen, and multiple auxiliary screens should be set up to ensure that spectators from all angles can watch comfortably under normal conditions.” The boost of government policies has enabled the LED display industry to gain a “basic market” in the e-sports market.

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However, how LED display companies can enhance their competitiveness in this gradually expanding “basic market” does not rely solely on government support, but also on the guarantee of various technologies. The e-sports category has very high requirements for the true reproduction of screen colors. It can be understood that the reason why e-sports needs a large screen is inseparable from the perfect reproduction of the real color by the screen.

LED display has always been limited by the performance and color of the LED itself. Nowadays, the display technology of LED displays has become mature. Ultra-high brightness AlGaInP, TS-AlGaAs, and InGaN LEDs can provide bright red, yellow, green, and blue colors, which can fully meet the needs of a full-color large-screen display. Require. The large-screen display has always been the “advantage” of the LED display. The seamless splicing feature of the LED display brings a perfect viewing effect to the audience, prompting the competition venues to list it as the first choice for venue display equipment.

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Four huge LED displays are hung around the center stage of the 2019 DOTA2Ti9 competition site, which can play the game screen in real-time from all angles. The perfect visual presentation of the LED display in the competition venue, thanks to the high contrast, flatness, and wide color gamut range of the display, the LED display around the center stage of the DOTA2Ti9 competition site can be seen almost 360 degrees, from far to near, from high to low, high-definition pictures can be presented from all angles, bringing an excellent visual experience to the audience.

At the same time, as the audience’s requirements for display effect and picture fineness are getting higher and higher, and the small-pitch LED screens continue to develop in the direction of smaller pitches under the market demand, the competitive advantage of LED screens in e-sports venues is becoming more and more obvious. Since the development of LED display technology, it has been able to present more delicate and smooth pictures, higher original color reproduction, multi-signal access, wide viewing angle, good stability, and high protection. Demand for indoor ultra-high-definition LED display products with smaller spacing.

With the gradual establishment of my country’s e-sports industry standards, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and other places have issued support policies for the e-sports industry, actively creating a strong atmosphere for e-sports development. Under the background of the strong drive of the e-sports industry and the accelerated development of 5G, the e-sports event studio screen and the stadium display screen will become the home of the LED display, and the LED display will usher in a new trend in the industry.

ESports Stadium LED display

Peripheral configuration to enter again, in-depth research and development to add weight

Playing games is inseparable from display devices, and more professional e-sports venues will have higher requirements for peripherals such as displays. E-sports requires the screen to have a very shocking effect in terms of high dynamic refresh and detailed display. In recent years, the development of mini/micro LED display technology has made it no longer “on paper” for LED display products to enter the e-sports screen market.

Compared with the traditional LCD screen, OLED is a self-luminous display technology without a backlight and liquid crystal, which is excellent in color saturation, contrast ratio, and response speed. And because the material is lighter and thinner, and has the characteristics of flexibility and transparency, OLED can support more diverse designs. However, after years of development of OLED technology, there are still problems such as burn-in afterimages that affect life expectancy, and the price is relatively high.

In contrast, Mini LED backlight technology can also present detailed picture effects, and the cost performance and lifespan are higher than OLED. The number and density of chips behind the Mini LED display are larger, the picture quality is more vivid, and it can present a more detailed display picture. The high density per unit area of the display screen and the small unit size of the light source can bring higher brightness and controllable color gamut, and Mini LED has great potential to iterate existing display technologies.

The iterative development of display technology has a basic law: image quality (resolution, color, response speed, contrast, etc.) and form (light, thin, flexible, etc.) determine the feasibility of technology replacement, and cost determines the penetration rate of technology replacement. This iterative feature reflects the huge market potential of mini LED displays. After learning about the huge commercial value of LED displays in the e-sports market, many display companies have begun to enter the mini/micro LED display market. In the future, if Mini LED is commercialized and the cost is reduced, its share in the e-sports market will gradually expand with the iteration of technology.

With the favorable social environment, the superimposed market gives more opportunities

E-sports has experienced more than 20 years of development in China, and it can be said that it has grown up in doubt. However, with the repeated popularization of electronic technology applications, e-sports has gradually ceased to be “demonized”. The inclusive and open society has given e-sports a new position, which is inseparable from the change in social concepts and government guidance. At present, e-sports has been guided by policies and written into the “14th Five-Year Plan” as part of the future national development strategy.

Under the state of decompression of the social environment, the derivative market of e-sports has gradually expanded. As a superimposed market of the technology, entertainment and sports industry, the e-sports market has provided a huge market for various industries in various aspects. As a display product, LED display has great advantages in this staggered and superimposed market environment: diverse categories, strong adaptability, more scene customization product application direction, wide application range.

At present, most of the application scenarios of LED display are concentrated in e-sports venues and the mini/micro LED e-sports screen market that will be opened with technological progress, but it is not limited to this, and also plays its own role in the derivative industries related to e-sports. : Outdoor broadcast of e-sports events, event sponsorship advertising applications, e-sports theme entertainment venue applications, e-sports theme stage performances, and other e-sports-related theme scene applications, etc.

With the continuous advancement of the e-sports industry and the further expansion of the market, under the support and guidance of the government and the open-mindedness of the society, e-sports will eventually find a healthy and benign development path, and the LED display industry will also take advantage of the e-sports industry. The east wind of the development of the industry will go further and fly higher.

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