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Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible Screen Display

Flexible screen display use customized cabinets, which are thin and light in weight and lighter than conventional screens. They can be hoisted and are suitable for more occasions.

  • Flexible Screen Display Made based on soft modules, with foldable and bendable features
  • it can be used with customized cabinets to complete a variety of shapes.
  • The curved part of the screen still displays high-definition images
Flexible LED Screen

What is Flexible Screen Display?

Flexible Screen Displays are composed of customized soft modules. Compared with traditional conventional rigid modules, they can be bent and folded at will and can be formed into different shapes according to customized cabinets.

At the same time, Flexible Screen Displays are lighter and more convenient to install. Diversity is more artistic to achieve the purpose of attracting people.

Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED Display Screen range of applications

Flexible LED display screen is widely used in highly personalized scenes such as exhibition halls, art galleries, art galleries, stage performances and entertainment venues to provide high-definition video effects and attract the audience’s attention.

  • Exhibition Hall: Exaggerated and twisted shapes can attract the attention of exhibitors immediately
  • Art Museum: The art museum is a place full of art. Through the shape of the Flexible Screen Display, it can inspire art students to create better works.
  • Stage: The stage is a scene that displays beauty and art, and the Flexible Screen Display can match the stage effect to form a unique stage shape.

Flexible Screen Display Advantages (3)

  • Flexible LED display installed in house

    Flexible Screen Display Based on the special characteristics of the soft module that can be folded and bent, it can be used with customized cabinets to complete a variety of shapes, making it more personalized.

  • Flexible LED display mounted on suspension in shopping malls

    The Flexible Screen Display adopts a magnetic front maintenance design, which makes installation and removal very simple and fast.

  • Flexible LED display installed inside the mall

    The Flexible Screen Display can be made into a cylindrical shape so that viewers at different positions can watch it very clearly and excellently from any angle.

Flexible displays in the corridors of shopping malls
Environmental Integration
Flexible Screen Display are integrated into different scenes such as shopping malls, science and technology museums, and art museums, forming unique scene effects.
Conical flexible display
Changing Shapes
Flexible Screen Display can be customized into different shapes such as cylinders, cones, beer cans, etc.
Flexible display in the shape of a coke can
360° Display
The Flexible Screen Display can completely wrap the original pillar to form a cylindrical shape, so that the display can be seen from any angle
Cylindrical flexible display
Customizable Size
Flexible Screen Display can customize screen size, height and other parameters according to the location of the scene.


Pixel PitchP1.86P2P2.5P4
Module Size320mm x 160mm
Module Resolution172dots x 86dots160dots x80dots128dots x 64dots80dots x 40dots
Cabinet Size960mm x 960mm or customized
Pixel Density288369 dots/m2250000 dots/m2160000 dots/m262500 dots/m2
Driver Mode1/43 Scan1/40 Scan1/32 Scan1/20 Scan
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Controlling systemNovastar
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
MTBF>10,000 hours
Life Span≥100,000 hours
IP RatingIP31
Warranty Time2-3 years
What is a flexible LED display Screen?

The flexible LED display is a special screen that consists of soft modules and specially customized shaped cabinets. It can present screens of different shapes, such as spherical screens, ribbon screens, etc., and is more suitable for highly personalized scenes.

What is the difference between flexible screen and regular screen?

The materials used by the two are different, so the soft module is more flexible than the conventional module and can be bent and folded, making it more suitable for some modeling projects and application scenarios.

Which is better Flexible Screen Display or regular LED screen?

Flexible Screen Display has higher flexibility than regular LED displays, making it easier to design and shape. Regular LED displays are more suitable for large-scale flat installation projects, so you can choose a more suitable LED display based on application scenarios and functions.

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