HD small spacing LED display

HD small spacing LED display

HD small spacing LED display

P1.25 | P1.53 | P1.667 | P1.83 | P1.86 | P2

• Ultra-clear image quality, unlimited stitching

• Integrated package, unlimited light and thin

• Ultra-high contrast, bright colors

• Unit accuracy≤0.01mm, splicing accuracy≤0.03mm, flatness≤0.05mm


Indoor Fine-pitch LED screen
型号 Model  P1.25 P1.53 P1.667 P1.83 P1.86 P2
模组尺寸 Module size(mm)  320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160
模组分辨率 Module resolution (dot) 256×128 208×104 192×96 174×87 172×86 160×80
扫描 Scanning 1/64S 1/52S 1/48S 1/29S 1/43S 1/40S
封装方式 SMD 1G1R1B
维护方向 Maintenance Front
安装方式 Installation Front/Back
箱体尺寸 Cabinet size(mm) 640×480
每平方像素点 Density(dot/㎡) 640000 427716 360000 298116 288369 250000
亮度 Brightness(cd/㎡) 50-700
最大功耗 Max. Power Consumption(W) 600W
平均功耗 Average Power Consumption(W) 200W
箱体重量 Cabinet weight (kg) 10.5KG
箱体材料 Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum
防水等级 IP rate IP 31
灰度 Grayscale  10000:1
刷新率 Refresh rate(hz) 3840
换帧频率 Frame change frequency 50/60hz
水平视角 Horizontal viewing angle >140°
垂直视角 Vertical viewing angle >140°
最佳视距 Best viewing distance >1.3m >1.6m >1.7m >1.9m >1.9m >2m
输入电压 Input Voltage AC110V – AC220V
模组最大电流 Module Max. current 3.5-4.5 4.0-5.0 4.5-5.5 3.5-4.5 3.5-4.5 3.5-4.5
温度使用范围 Temperature-operating ﹣10℃~60℃
湿度使用范围 Humidity-operating 10%~90%
寿命 Life span (H) ≥100,000
平均无故障时间 MTBF (H) >10,000
Seamless Assembly and Strong Structure
Small space die-casting aluminum box

A full finished panel only 4.6kg

Integrated die-casting aluminum panel cabinet make a strong structure frame .

High precision CNC processing minimizes the tolerance difference within 0.01mm. Smooth surface help a seamless LED display screen assembly and installation.


Front Service

Magnetic module design, each module have multi magnets and a metal sheet plate. That can help operator to take off the modules easily from front.

Power and data integrated design. Use golden pin plugs make a reliable connection.

The workers maintain the outdoor LED die-casting aluminum box by magnetic attraction
High-definition LED splicing display installation method-1

STEP 1: put magnetic tool onto replacement required module

High-definition LED splicing display installation method-2

STEP 2: press the tool and adjust the strength to hold the module firmly

High-definition LED splicing display installation method-3

STEP 3:take off the moudule and loose the magnets strength

High-definition LED splicing display installation method-4

STEP 4:put a new module onto the panel for a replacement

Super-wide View
A wide field of view
Internal Cables And More Beautiful
LED display can be infinite joining together

Application area

Die-cast magnesium-aluminum indoor LED screens are used in outdoor media, exhibitions, billboards, information displays, building advertising, stations, airports and other fields


stage rental

TV station

shopping mall