How about the LED sky screen? Any requirements for ceiling installation?

The LED sky screen is a new type of supporting display screen for the decoration of urban landmark buildings such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the ceiling of the building and has better lighting and rendering functions for the indoor and outdoor environments of the LED sky screen.

With the continuous expansion of the LED sky screen market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry. Compared with traditional LED display projects, LED sky screens have higher requirements on manufacturers’ technology and installation and maintenance. 

From design, manufacturing to engineering installation, it tests the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. As a high-tech enterprise with more than ten years of experience in LED display industry, Xingjudian Technology provides one-stop service from design, manufacturing to engineering installation!

It is also easy to create LED sky screens with strict requirements in terms of material use, structure, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance. So, what are the technical requirements for the LED sky screen during the installation process?

What are the requirements for the installation of the sky screen on the ceiling

1) Light and thin; since the area of conventional LED sky screen projects is generally very large, it is installed by hoisting, which is a test for the load-bearing structure. Therefore, our company requires the design of LED sky screens to be light and thin. In addition, the design is required to be beautiful in appearance, so that it can add luster throughout the implementation of the canopy.

2) Convenience; the simpler the operation is, the easier it is to maintain, debug and use. The lightweight product design can reduce labor costs during subsequent installation and maintenance, making the entire process more efficient.

3) Standard; the modular design is for the needs of production and manufacturing, and the LED canopy box needs a certain size. If the box is too large, it will be difficult to produce and inconvenient to transport. The standardized design of the LED sky screen box can integrate the LED display element, power supply, control, and unit structure, and is easy to age, debug, transport and install.

How about a sky screen like a time tunnel?

What we need to consider before making a certain investment is not how much the project will cost, but how much benefit the project can bring us, in order to judge the budget of the project and whether it can meet expectations. effect, so as to decide whether to do this project.

Time Tunnel has been popular many years ago. Now, because of a novel idea, Time Tunnel is once again popular on the Internet. There are various reposts in the circle of friends, and there are also a steady stream of tourists, forming a long queue. The popularity of the scenic spot has been maximized exposure, which indirectly drives other recreational activities and directly increases the revenue of the scenic spot. Time Tunnel is a good play project with built-in interactive screen, which greatly increases the interaction and curiosity among tourists. It is the way for the sustainable development of the scenic spot for tourists to have fun.

The time tunnel projects are generally scenic spots or amusement parks, with relatively strong strength and sufficient funds. What can I get by doing the Time Tunnel project?

First: Fame, just like the naked-eye 3D big screen, if you do it, you will become famous. It can become popular on online social platforms, and then advertise in the weekly newspaper city, instantly attracting a lot of popular traffic.

Second: benefits, a time tunnel alone can bring a large number of tourists, plus other play items, can directly increase revenue.

How much does time tunnel investment cost

Making a time tunnel can add fire to large-scale scenic spots and amusement parks, and it is a rare opportunity for scenic spots and amusement parks that are developing and only developed. How much does it cost to make a time tunnel? The specific price depends on your site and personal needs. Generally, we make a time tunnel with a height and width of 3 meters, and the length is not limited. The complete set is an overhead screen ( Curved), conventional screens on both sides, and floor tile screens at the bottom of the feet. 

The cost of this kind of construction is relatively high. If it is only made into a tunnel screen without the floor tile screen at the bottom of the foot, it can save a large amount of cost, so it depends on the individual. demand to set the price.

How much does the time tunnel investment cost? We have professional business managers to provide you with video materials, cases, free planning solutions, and free quotation lists. The above costs are clear. Everyone consults the price and directly tells the business manager your needs, and he will do the follow-up work for you. You only need to discuss the details, and we will cooperate with you.

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