How about the use effect of P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen?

P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen is a new type of ground display device specially customized for entertainment venues. It has a flexible modular design that can realize a variety of different application environments.

Although domestic interactive floor tiles can also achieve similar interactive effects through pre-set video methods, the performance site is often full of uncertainty, and special staff are required to be responsible for video playback and adjustment, which not only requires a lot of resources, but also cannot be achieve timeliness and accuracy, and there is a certain gap between the definition and the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen.

As long as the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen is used, the series of problems mentioned above can be well solved. Because the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen adopts the HKC video synchronization control scheme, it realizes the high-resolution soft color display effect, and completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction;

Moreover, the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen adopts a high-strength tempered glass mask, a sturdy support device, a load-bearing capacity of more than 1 ton per square meter, and strong impact resistance, whether it is stepping, or singing and dancing, it is not there In terms of flexibility, it is not inferior to the rental series of display screens. It has a modular design for quick disassembly and assembly, and a protective structure with excellent performance, which can be seamlessly spliced ​​and combined at will.

LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen

The working principle of P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen:

The working principle of the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen is to first capture the foot movement of the target image (such as a participant) by capturing the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen sensor chip, and then analyze the image and system to generate the captured person or object. The operation data is combined with the real-time image interaction system so that the participants and the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen have a closely integrated real-time interactive effect.

The technology used in the P3.91 floor tile screen system is mixed virtual reality technology and motion capture technology, which is a further improvement of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that generates three-dimensional images through a computer, displays a three-dimensional space, and interacts with it. Through mixed reality, users can touch the real environment while manipulating the virtual image, thereby enhancing the sensory visual experience.

Support multi-point trigger

Many interactive floor tiles can only interact with a single or single point, while the intelligent P3.91 interactive floor tile screen can realize the effect of multiple people walking on the screen at the same time, and a variety of application modes can be used for different applications without adding a control system. The scene chooses different application modes (such as floor tile mode, conventional large-screen mode, etc.), which is more targeted.

Accurate and sensitive induction trigger

It adopts the self-developed JKKC induction operating system, uses proximity sensing technology, and cooperates with Flash video materials to realize the induction interaction between the object and the screen.

Compared with infrared induction, the proximity induction triggering technology of the floor tile screen developed by JYLED is more accurate, while infrared induction is easy to trigger by mistake. Compared with radar sensing, proximity sensing triggering technology is less affected by the environment, and there is no situation where the triggering failure is caused by being blocked.

Features of P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen:

1. Beautiful and beautiful: The ground decoration through the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen will make the ground feel full of technology and make people very fond of it.

2. Fast and flexible installation: it can be installed directly without tools, or it can be installed by means of guide rails.

3. High load-bearing performance: It adopts a high-density aluminum alloy material structure, and the load-bearing capacity per square meter can reach 1.5 tons.

4. Excellent maintenance performance: It can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent box during maintenance.

5. High light transmittance design: high light transmittance mask, clear playback effect.

6. Good effect: excellent low-brightness and high-gray effect, showing uniform grayscale and good consistency.

LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen

It is worth mentioning that, when installing the product of P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen, there are some problems that need our attention.

1. Avoid pulling hard, so as not to cause poor contact or damage to the lamps. Although the floor tile screen has good resistance, it is only for the screen body. Other parts, such as the network cable connected and debugged, are still relatively fragile, caused by excessive pulling Damage to lamps has occurred.

2. During the installation process, pay attention to the broken skin and damage of the connecting wire of the lamp, distinguish and separate the strong points and weak currents, connect the positive and negative power sources correctly, make the connectors waterproof, and protect all electrical equipment from grounding. Prepare the installation precautions for ungrounded protection, and do not hit hard

3. The lamps and lanterns are installed according to the drawing number and model. The main controller and the sub-controller should be installed with a dustproof and waterproof power supply. The waterproof switching power supply can be directly fixed to the outdoor wall or installed by the installation accessories manufacturer, and the waterproof treatment of the joints should be done.

The non-waterproof switching power supply can be directly fixed to the wall and dustproof or placed in the power distribution box indoors, and waterproof and dustproof can be done outdoors. Features: high power, more lamps, less installation

According to the actual needs of the user’s P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen project content, we carry out creative design planning, integrate the software and hardware of interactive devices, projects and customer needs, and can provide various interactive display types and methods to complete the installation of the project site system, debugging. And improve after-sales, free training for users, free maintenance during the warranty period, and provide strong technical support.

Scope of application:

Museums, planning halls, enterprises, showrooms, commercial exhibitions, brand exhibition halls, children’s science parks, science and technology museums, children’s activity centers, children’s palaces, theme parks, digital information, shopping malls and leisure experience areas, education halls, etc.

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