How does the smart LED light pole screen create a smart city?

Today, when 5G is fully popularized, as a major revolutionary point in the field of mobile communications, micro base stations are the key infrastructure in the current wave of new infrastructure construction, and they are also responsible for the digital and intelligent transformation of all walks of life.

The strong demand for 5G for micro base stations will make the smart light pole market broad, especially the market demand for smart LED light pole screens will also greatly increase.

As a product in line with the development trend of the information age, the smart LED light pole screen is increasingly pursuing intelligence, interaction, informatization, and technology, and it undertakes the indispensable public information service function. It has to be said that the construction of a smart light pole screen + 5G base station has become an irreversible development trend.

outdoor LED light pole screen
outdoor LED light pole screen

The application mode of the smart LED light pole screen is constantly updated, and the application field is constantly expanding. It integrates functions such as information collection, information transmission, information dissemination, data processing methods, and operation execution. Efficient and intelligent public management.

Judging from the current market, the future development trend of smart light pole screens is great. This is because the use of a 5G smart light pole screen as a supporting facility plays a vital role in the construction of Internet of Things technology and in the construction of the smart cultural tourism industry. It is in such a market environment that The 5G smart light pole screen has gained high market recognition.

With the widespread use of new-generation information technologies such as the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, the construction of smart cities has become the general trend. Smart light pole screens will also become propagandists of a new generation of information together with their utility.

In recent years, the LED light pole screen market has continued to increase in volume. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of technology and the market, the cloud application field of LED light pole screens has also continued to expand, especially in the market development potential presented by the commercial display market. , It also allows display manufacturers in the field of light pole screens to expand more market share.

Looking forward to the future, as an important carrier and key entrance of smart cities, smart light pole screens can be integrated and shared with technologies such as “digital twin cities” to bring about changes in urban management models and improve urban operating efficiency. At the same time as the construction of new urbanization, it will greatly promote the fields of smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart parking.

At present, the penetration rate of the domestic smart light pole screen market is less than 1%, and the alternative space is extremely broad. It is estimated that the total scale of new projects in the next five years will reach 170 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 20%.

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