How is the full color outdoor LED display waterproof?

Outdoors are often affected by weather such as rainy days and cloudy days, so outdoor LED display must be waterproofed. Because the outdoor led module plus the closed box structure is processed to form the outdoor led display box, the led module is assembled into an outdoor led full-color box, so the led display is the basic unit that constitutes the display, and the outdoor led display is actually very waterproof. Simple, outdoor LED display manufacturer hares some skills with everyone?

First make sure you use the led box, the benefits are as follows:

1. It is convenient for scheduling, outdated and on-site maintenance;

2, easy to package, easy to transport;

3. On-site installation and disassembly are convenient and quick;

The outdoor led display waterproof box is equipped with a display module at the front, a display drive circuit board is installed inside, the switching power supply is located on the back cover of the box, and an exhaust fan and a punched louver are installed on the back cover Wait. The chassis is treated with plastic spray inside and outside, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and flame retardant, which provides a good guarantee for the work safety of the screen body.

For the structure of the outdoor LED display screen, first of all, the module must be an outdoor fully waterproof module, and the back of the module needs to be painted with three-proof paint, and then the box must be a waterproof box, and its sealing performance is better.

The outdoor chassis must be subjected to a waterproof test and a water spray test on the surface of the display screen. After many tests, to ensure that the protection level reaches IP65 or above, it can be truly waterproof before it can be finally delivered to the user; in addition, the perishable parts of the outdoor LED display chassis structural parts Generally, it is the metal column, terminal board and terminal of the screen part; the parts sensitive to water vapor are the lead angles and lines of electronic components. Other component components are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy resin, rubber, etc., which are not affected by water vapor.

Now more and more customers have stricter requirements on the structure of outdoor LED display waterproof cabinets, and they have begun to develop into thin and easy-to-remove cabinets. However, from a professional point of view, not fully enclosed, thin and light can definitely achieve the waterproof effect. , The box structure only plays the role of dustproof and foreign body prevention. Poor space sense is not good for heat dissipation.

If there is a large area of water inflow, the rear row will not be conducive to processing and maintenance. The chassis is a one-time die-casting of aluminum castings, which has good heat dissipation capacity. At the same time, the chassis has three heat dissipation channels, and no decoration is required after installation.

In fact, the waterproofing of outdoor LED display is really not as difficult as imagined, it depends on whether outdoor LED display manufacturers have done research here to achieve it!

We often see large LED screens carrying out various advertisements outdoors, attracting passers-by to stop and watch. This large-scale image display device is what we often call an outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen. 

This device that only displays red and green fonts is called “word-trending screen” and “monochrome screen”. How much is an outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen per square meter? Haiweixin Optoelectronics will discuss the charges in detail.

As for the outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen, it is unknown to those who do not understand the LED display industry, and it may be a bit powerless for outsiders. Next, let’s take a look at the outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen and its price. I hope this article will help you better understand the outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen.

Under normal circumstances, the outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen suitable for outdoor use is generally above P3, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, here is the module spacing, the LED display module spacing in P3 is 3mm, and the spacing in P10 is 3mm. 10mm.

For example, like the P3 screen, when we watch TV outdoors, the best viewing distance is about 6 meters between the eyes and the TV. The best viewing distance is about 20 meters for the P10 screen, which makes it easier to understand.

In addition, the price of outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen also varies from module to module. It is not fixed that the shorter the interval, the higher the price. For example, P3 and P10 have different modules under the same conditions, and P3 must be higher than P10.

In addition, even the lamp beads, according to the brand quality of the lamp beads, the LED display lamp beads are very good, and the price is also high.

What about the price of outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen? 

Of course it depends on the big screen. The larger the area, the higher the price. Installation costs, labor, cabinets, etc. are all factors that affect the price of outdoor full-color LED advertising large screens.

Generally speaking, the outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen is estimated based on the project. For example, Haiweixin Optoelectronics is an outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen manufacturer in this area, providing LED display screens and door-to-door installations nationwide.

Under normal circumstances, when inquiring about outdoor full-color LED advertising large screen manufacturers, unless it is wholesale or franchise, the price per square meter is usually the bare screen price, which has nothing to do with the actual price of the product. Costs have to be taken into account due to all the aspects involved

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