Now more and more occasions have begun to use LED full-color screens as propaganda windows and playback media. In addition to the installation of LED full-color screens in many old equipment updates, in some newly built occasions, such as conference rooms, hotels, and exhibition halls In other occasions, the LED display will be installed by default in the early design.

Many customers do not know which wires need to be laid in advance when they have not contacted the professionals of the LED full-color screen manufacturer in the early stage of decoration. How many high-definition network cables are needed, etc.

If the wiring is added later, it will cause the exposed lines to affect the aesthetics, so here I will explain to you, what aspects need to be paid attention to in the pre-engineering of the installation of the LED full-color screen.

Install LED full color screen

1: Reservation for screen size
The screen size reservation is generally mainly for some embedded installation designs. In the early decoration process, due to the need to do wall painting, sticking decorative wallpaper or wrapping, etc., if the size reservation is not good, it will lead to follow-up. LED full-color screen installation is difficult to install, and there is a hidden danger of damaging the decoration.

Therefore, in the case of embedded installation, it is necessary to communicate with the LED display manufacturer to confirm the model size of the screen plus the size of the edge, and then the overall size. Reserve a little more. If the screen is protruding wall-mounted or floor-mounted, there is no need to consider the size issue in advance.

Let’s take the P2.5 full-color LED display of 4.8m x 2.4m as an example to explain: P2.5 module size is 320mm*160mm, length 4.8mX height 2.4m is the net size of the screen, plus our profiles The frame is 4.5cm on the left and right sides, the screen is 4.89mx2.49m with the edge, and the depth of the profile frame is 9cm, so we reserve 4895mm*2495mm for the screen hole. (The extra 5mm is reserved for the convenience of installing the screen. Finish the remaining 2.5mm through decoration to close the edge) The hole depth is 90mm. As shown below

2: Lay out the power cord
Wiring is something that must be done in the decoration stage before installing the full-color LED screen, because we have had too many customers who did not perform wiring due to the previous decoration, but they could not go through the dark lines in the follow-up, or the ceiling wiring was also very troublesome, and even needed. Destroying the original exquisite decoration will not be worth the loss; so the wiring in the decoration stage is significant. 

Generally speaking, the basic wiring of a full-color LED screen mainly consists of two parts: the power cable and the network cable. The layout of the power cable needs to be carried out according to the approximate area of the screen. For calculation, the wiring is generally based on the power of a square with a maximum power of 800w.

For example, if the screen you want to install is about 8 square meters or less, then you can arrange a set of four square power cables (one fire, one zero, one ground is one group), if the screen you want to install is about 12 square meters, then arrange two sets of four square power cables. 

If the screen you want to install is about 20 square meters, then arrange one A set of three-phase, five-wire, and six-square wires can be used. Of course, three sets of 4-square pure copper national standard power lines can also be arranged. Generally, the power cord is arranged in the center of the screen, and a few meters are reserved.

When decorating LED display, a part of the wiring port needs to be set aside

3: Network cable
Generally speaking, the transmission distance of indoor screens is not more than 100 meters. Therefore, the transmission distance of indoor screens does not require the use of optical fibers. It is enough to use a network cable. This network cable does not refer to the network cable used for Internet access. Most LEDs are fully The color screen does not need to be connected to the Internet.

This network cable is the network cable that connects the screen to the computer control end, which is also the network cable that connects the sending card and the receiving card for signal transmission. Generally speaking, the larger the area of the screen, the higher the pixel resolution.

The more network cables there are, each network cable can carry 650,000 points. Let’s take a P2.5 full-color LED display of 4.8m x 2.4m as an example. The size of the P2.5 module is 320mm*160mm, and the module resolution rate is 128 points * 64 points, the screen module is 15 sheets long * 15 sheets high, and the screen resolution is 1920 points * 960 points = 1843200 points. Then the number of network cables we have arranged is 5, and 4 are used for the installation screen, and one is reserved as a spare.

Of course, this is just one of the models. If it is a small pitch below P2, the pixels per square will be higher. If it is a conventional model above P2, you can lay out a little less network cable. The best way is to load the actual pixels. On the basis of this, lay out one or two more network cables for backup.

Indoor LED video wall

In general, if you feel that you need to install a full-color LED screen during the decoration stage, then it is best to communicate with the professionals of the display manufacturer during the decoration stage, confirm the plan, and then reserve the size to arrange the wires more accurately.

The above is the experience sharing of the editor. Interested friends can communicate more. Generally speaking, if you need to install a full-color LED screen during the decoration stage, it is best to communicate with the professionals of the display manufacturer during the decoration stage.

Confirm the plan, and then reserve the size to arrange the wires more accurately. The above is the experience shared by the editor, and friends who are interested can exchange more information

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